What makes the Gadgets Green??

Anny | Jan 07, 2021

Promoting the eco-friendly environment campaign and awareness the fellow human beings about environment protection is really important for marketing consumers’ electronics today by manufacturers. An eco-friendly or green gadget holds the position which is superior to its related gadget and more appealing to buyers as eco-friendly. Those companies which follow the green gadgets standards and policies are more preferable for customers nowadays.

The real eco-friendly standard of gadgets is still a question and this is fact that we believe on only news and not completely assure it ourselves. The humans of today cannot live without new era technology and that’s the reason we thought of listing few things which are important about making gadgets green. We make sure that our lovely electronic gadgets may not effect the environment. Here are few important facts about green gadgets and how we measure the green standards of our existing gadgets;

1.    Green gadgets require least energy for processing and their long time use:

How we measure the green gadgets is based on energy they consume. While sitting in a office room or home where your computer has been running since last two days, there would be much suffocation and hard to sit once you have come from outside. This is a common measuring standard for gadgets that are recognized on a selling store with their eco-friendly standards seal.  The consumption of energy is always associated in some ways with fossils fuel use and it is the main source of energy today. If we use less energy, it means we will lesser consume the fossil fuels. For an electronic gadget to be included in eco-friendly gadgets category, its performance should be greater when compared to other gadgets which use an average amount of energy for their daily use.

Let take an example of modern tablet computer device. If you install your office working software like MS word, acrobat reader or any other require suite, it will give you more productivity as compared to a desktop PC and its energy consumption is 3 or 5 times less than that of desktop PC.

2.       Material Used in Green gadgets is 100 percent recycled and biodegradable.

A major issue with electronic items is that, much like any other industrially synthesized items like plastic, they are not naturally biodegradable and process through recycling. Recycling is an effective process available today to recycle the plastic and other gadgets materials which effect the landfills and dangerous for living beings. These materials simply pile up as e-waste. For gadgets to be true eco-friendly, they must be manufactured through recycled and reusable materials. Each component must be designed to be conveniently broken down into simpler pieces, or at least be made of something that is already largely recycled today.

Although recycling and use of reusable product items look easier one, it is much difficult and hard to implement through economics point of view. To some extent it is because of the better commercial viability of other materials, although it could also be partly because gadgets users do not usually take a direct or active part to make sure that their gadgets were completely recycled or how effective is the waste management.

3.      The design approach for gadgets effect the manufacturing and their recycling

Design and manufacturing of gadgets have great impact in recycling and reusing of such items again. This issue simply goes by a fact based concept that the lesser material used for manufacturing of gadget, the lesser harmful it would be, making it simpler to reuse and connect the material again. For this concept, a simple reduction in weight has great value and only a milligrams material reduction in manufacturing of that item means 30-40 percent adjustment in its design and final results.

Let’s continue our previous example of latest tablet computers, because they are getting more popular and have great productivity. These computers are more portable and lighter and save our time, space and increase the completion of our major functions. It will take only few seconds to search a book online through tablet PC as compared to desktop PC or searching that book in a library. It is saving the amount of paper which would consume for designing of that book and friendly to the environment.

4.        Biodegradation and landfills issue

This point is more important their own previous two discussion arguments for selection and categorization of technology gadgets. We need to make sure that its material will not leak the landfills or biodegradable and once it has been recycled, it should not cause any harm.  Eco-friendly gadgets should be synthesizable by organisms and there should be no danger associated when its components have been digested or taken by living beings.

Although still there are no such gadgets available commercially which should fulfill these requirements, there have been an increasing trend form manufacturing companies and research projects which have projected to bring 100 percent eco-friendly gadgets. The discarded circuits pilling up in large trash zones and dumpsites problem can be solved through biodegradable circuits.

Apart from this discussion about green gadgets, there is a specific reason for not electronics gadgets being 100 percent green, beside the fact that there are electronics made. It is because our current electronics industry has back roots from current energy infrastructure which is not eco-friendly and renewable energy. There are many raw material items which are required during electronics gadgets manufacturing, and at the same time they are hazardous and equal to death for all the living beings.

The process of proper recycling can solve most of our problems but it’s currently only 4 to 6 percent. Proper recycling of electronic gadgets when you are up with them or they have been damaged and unable to use will be helping to mitigate the negative effects of electronic materials on this environment and our planet. The speeding up process of recycling means every individual needs to make his or her efforts till a complete trend of green gadgets prevails. Once things have been set on a proper route, we are sure to be using only eco-friendly gadgets one day.

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