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Eco-friendly gadgets

Logitech K750- Light Powered Wireless Keyboard

Logitech is a renowned name in computer consumables and its latest addition the Logitech K750 solar powered keyboard is a must have for every gadget enthusiast.  The K750 suits Windows based operating systems while its counterpart the K760 is designed [...]

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

Bamboo accessories are fast becoming a fashion trend as the raw material can be easily sourced and used in multiple ways. One such electronic consumable application of bamboo is the Bamboo Bluetooth keyboard from iZen.  The use of bamboo does [...]

What makes the Gadgets Green??

Promoting the eco-friendly environment campaign and awareness the fellow human beings about environment protection is really important for marketing consumers’ electronics today by manufacturers. An eco-friendly or green gadget holds the position which is superior to its related gadget and [...]

Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer From Mitsubishi GWP Analysis

When we talk about eco-friendly aspects of everything around us, we need to have measurement criteria to judge and decide those actions which are harmful in regards to our environment. Recently in a debate where paper towels of hand dryers [...]

Recycled Pulp Fashioned into Doughnut shaped Pulp MP3 speakers

Sharing the music and videos with friends is really amazing, but better it would be if the gadgets would charge from renewable energy like solar powered electric energy or keep the Go Green rules followed. At the moment, the market [...]

Body heat powered Computers a step closer

Heat is the greatest enemy of modern electronics and leads to spawn errors and fry the all components of gadgets. But latest technology have turned heat to be utilized for our advantages by creating such eco-friendly devices that will run [...]