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Eco-Friendly paints from Mythic Paints

Paints do make our indoor spaces more vibrant, and also protect us against mildew and other sorts of organisms that inhabit our wall spaces. However, little do we know that that many chemicals present in paints, thinners, solvents are in fact harmful for our health. They are known to cause a lot of respiratory problems and some of them are carcinogenic as well. In our quest to find sustainable and safe alternates which can be used in our everyday life, let’s take a look some paint ranges that are safe for you as well as the environment. Common harmful chemicals in some paints are asbestos, lead, mercury, CFC’s, formaldehyde etc. There has been an increased focus in developing nontoxic varieties of paints which do not contain these chemical sand are deemed to be safe for you. There are a whole lot of such chemicals which are emitted from a painted surface-together classified as VOC’s. VOC’s emitted by high solvent containing paints have been linked to a variety of health effects including eye, nose and throat irritation; dizziness; liver, kidney and central nervous system damage and even cancer.

Mythic paints is one manufacture of non-toxic paints which comes in a myriad of colors which can suit every taste and decor. They are also certified to be safe from VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and have a broad range of paints, emulsions, primer, exterior and interior paints,

You can choose from flat, Egg-shell, semi-gloss sheens which are as good as any other paint ranges in the market.

The range was developed in association with University of Southern Mississippi.Southern Diversified Products owns Mythic paints and is headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

These paints are durable, stainresistant and the surface they are applied can be easily cleansed.

You can buy their paintsonline from their site,and  can also check the availability of a retailer near your location. If you order from their site, they do not charge you any shipping charge within continental USA. Mythic paint products cover approximately 350-400 square foot per gallon. Using these paints in your interior is one way you can increase your chances of getting an LEED certification for your home.


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