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Copenhagen First Bicycle Superhighway has been opened

A new 11 miles superhighway construction project in Copenhagen has been finished and started working. This superhighway is first of 27 other bicycle routes that will be finished for people traveling within Copenhagen. This bicycle superhighway will motivate the commuters to use bike for their travel instead of car or bus. The city of Copenhagen is already popular for bicycle eco-friendly use; however city planners are deeply thinking to make this alternative source as their future.

First bicycle superhighway has been built between a western suburb, Albertslund and Copenhagen. The road pavement has done smoothly for smooth riding of bicycles and intersections roads have been avoided to make the ride fast and smooth for riders. The cyclists will love the cycle pedaling at early morning time with fresh air convincing their day smiles and air pumps at every mile in case of wheels puncture. The usual bicycle paths have been struggling to overcome the problems of poor lighting, gaps between the routes or intersections, inadequate pavements etc.

Although government policies and planners views about use of cycling in this city is all related to cut down the costs and go green, more people find this source of transportation as major beneficial for health and lovely when after being transferred to cycling. These positive improvements towards cycling and development of superhighway for bicycles riders have encouraged the people and city planners to reward cyclists and keep five cycling rules;

  • Overtaking carefully
  • Staying to the right
  • Using signals
  • Being nice, and
  • Appreciating rather than grudging their bike bells


Those cyclists who follow these rules are awarded by boxes of chocolates from city employees. SO keep the rules and enjoy chocolates!!!

The bicycle commuting have been also encouraged in many other cities and localities and recently London city started its first version of cycling highway with major routes connected to all the main roads and intersections around the London. Cycle paths were painted bright blue and measured 1.5 meters wide. Sweden has plans to construct a four-lane bicycle highway that will run 10.5 miles between Lund and Malmö. This latest project boosts the already high level of bicycle commuting in the city of Malmö, where 30% of total transport is accounted for by biking.

According to Copenhagenize.com, bicycle-friendly cities share several characteristics that encourage people to choose bicycle commuting over other forms of transportation. First, there are established cycling infrastructures which make it possible for cyclists to consider biking a serious alternative to cars. Second, the city’s culture is bicycle friendly, meaning mindsets are favorable toward biking – and bikers. Third, there is a will to change cities into better, more livable places where biking is perceived as a positive characteristic of the urban cape

An increasing trend of biking is an effective way to transfer people form costly and environmental unfriendly automobiles to efficient and cost effective transportation of bikes. People are free to rent or buy the bicycles form city authorities at cheap rates and have a fun around the city, while saving more on their travel and benefiting the environment.


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