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Eco Friendly Vehicles

Environmentally Friendly Electric Scooters

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The total amount of greenhouse gases emission caused by an event, which is expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent, is called as carbon footprint. Due to increase in the greenhouse gases and other pollutants that can alter global climate to an [...]

Plugless Power Vehicle Charging System for Electronic Cars

Electric vehicles are fast becoming an alternative to fuel powered vehicles as they are non-polluting and cost efficient.  However, they require a wired charger which needs to be connected to the vehicle while charging. Often this is not quite feasible [...]

Copenhagen First Bicycle Superhighway has been opened

A new 11 miles superhighway construction project in Copenhagen has been finished and started working. This superhighway is first of 27 other bicycle routes that will be finished for people traveling within Copenhagen. This bicycle superhighway will motivate the commuters [...]

Eco-friendly Cardboard made $9 Bicycle

You may think it is an April joke? But it’s a truth that Izhar Gafni has successfully developed a bicycle from cardboard and recycled materials. This cardboard bicycle has been made of recycled material and a $9 cheap, light, durable [...]

Bullet Train Proposal Rejected By Californians

We have recognized the importance of bullet train and how fast it has removed the distance hurdles with fast tracks and efficiency. It would be really convenient for people of San Francisco to Los Angeles within few hours. For those [...]

Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom Eco-Friendly Concept

Since Rolls Royce unveiled the electric 102EX Phantom at the Geneva Motor Show, 2011, this electric car has received rather lukewarm response from wealthier customers of Phantom around the world. They are apparently apprehensive about its range and not willing [...]