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Eco-Friendly Goods Transporting Vehicle Designed

Eco-Friendly Goods Transporting Vehicle Designed

Our world has been highly affected from high emission of carbon dioxide in atmosphere due to automobiles using the petroleum oils. Good transportation has been improved along with improvements of industrial era and introduction of fast goods delivery system through trains, aero planes and ships. We have come across a slew of conceptual designs that deal with urban based commuting systems.

However when we talk about transportation and view of a city from a commercial perspective, it can be seen as an economically dependent eco system that thrives upon transportation of goods as well as people. Taking the concerned effects of first factor, designer Mohammed Ghezel has conceptualized his version of a compact urban based goods transporting vehicle that fully runs on electricity.

The eco-friendly features of urban based computing system vehicle will be effective to save our environment and stop the use of previous urban carriages which were distributing too much carbon in the atmosphere. Based upon its christened as the e-Cargo Box, the design in itself is based upon a previous conception from designer Adam Schacter. And, like its predecessor, the concept is envisaged as a petite transportation craft with inherent structural flexibility.

Eco-Friendly Features

From its images displayed through official CNET reviews, the vehicle exhibits its bantam nature by eschewing any fancy aesthetic element. However, functionally, the car consists of a small storage booth on its rear side for carrying goods and commodities across the city. This compartment is set on a retractable wheel track, which in turn can be extended and shortened for three standard configurations: compact mode, semi-compact mode and pick up mode.

The compartment is carried vertically in compact mode, thus making the vehicle spatially efficient; whereas, in the semi-compact mode, the compartment is tilted at an angle by slightly extending the wheel track. Finally, in the pick-up mode, the track is extended fully to slide the compartment horizontally, which makes the vehicle identical to a mini pick-up truck.

The adjustable nature of the low emission craft is not just limited to the aforementioned wheel track. A set of individually powered, sturdy wheels is complimented by a simple steering mechanism. There is also a special circuitry of indicators that visually correspond to the charge required by the transportation vehicle. By this comprehensive color oriented system, the drivers can easily make out the charging characteristics to plan the electric way and finding him to go through his way.

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