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Introducing the new Eco-friendly cool blinders

Eco-friendly cool blinders

We are excited to introduce the new generation of Knog blinders. New eco-friendly blinders from Knog are waterproof, chargeable with USB and look top shelf to be used for any bike. Knog blinders have been developed after seven years of experience and packed in fascinating design packing. They have plain hard work that Knog lights have put the global nights in all cities. The laser Jammer Blinder M47 has replaced the product M45 used before.

This Blinder M47 will detect and tell the driver about laser lights used and jams around the world. There are four laser modules which have been used in M45 laser jammer and will be installed in front grille, they may be fitted bumper or based on the size of truck, car or SUVs. Similarly Knot Blinders have four super LEDs which put about 8 lumens of light on front of them.

Externally, this blinder has anodized aluminum lens which has been fixed with polycarbonate housing. The silicon strip which is over molded is of stainless steel, which is suitable for front bar of a bicycle. It has advanced light optimization which focuses the light beam and makes the blinder visible over 800 meters, ranging from fast and steady to eco flash or organic flash.

They blinders can give 3 hours constant light and if you apply eco-flash mode, they will offer you 50 hours keep seen. Delivering the constant light solution, this eco-friendly 100 percent waterproof package is 35 g light with inbuilt system to charge from the USB system hooked with it. These blinders have a lithium polymer batter with 5 hours of charge time it will maximum take. Blinder has also a low batter indicator to warn you when battery is turned low, during charge it will turn red with green light signal when it will be fully charged.

If we discuss it in depth, it will offer you more feature than learning the specifications, because Knog Blinder 4 feels good to touch whom feedback is long and it will save light to unintentionally turn on or off. It has also an embedded function to perform as last mode memory which will facilitate you how to cycle when light has been turned off or on.

A quality assurance team of Knog has assured the product form drawing board to final shape without any faults and final product delivery of Blinder4. its five modes will be in store after march 2012.

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