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Green Cloud to ‘Clone’ its HQ at Data Center in Nashville

Green Cloud

After the six months of its operations, Green Cloud Technologies has achieved the backup and now providing the telecom services along with Managed IT solutions. Currently where American companies are moving toward green data centers, Green technology is featuring this company because it has scheduled to open its third quarter in Nashville in 2012.

The new planned site has been selected on the basis of company requirement to adopt the green technology and it will represent a fully redundant mirrored of company’s HQ in South Carolina. An increased level of geo-diversity will be provided to Green cloud due to launching of new data center along with fiber trunk roots and power grids which will function separately at all. Different catastrophic events which may affect the operations of Green Cloud technologies, this separation among the centers will decrease the effects of such events.

Green cloud Technologies is planning to tie the two data centers together with fiber based connections. Green clouds have offered best and proven solutions to small industries as well as large industrial tycoons- all being done via clouds and there is no entry cost and capital requirements. Clients are free to manage their own businesses with peace of mind due to green cloud’s virtual servers.

Instead of preoccupied with technology, clients do not need to buy server again or tense about their business requirements, because all the way it is managed by a single cloud server network. Green cloud offers network bandwidth, CPUs and assigned storages due to VMware virtualization software installed. Experts are present to host, monitor and maintain the applications and data, as well as adhering to meet the SAS 70 type auditing standards.

The system is protected by employees video monitoring, biometric access and RFID cards required. The Green Clouds are relying on VMware virtualization, NetApp FAS 3200 series filter and Cisco UCS servers.

Green Cloud’s new PBX solution Broadsoft harnesses the power of real time information and communication to make a fast and connected workplace. Green Cloud is ensuring that its FlexPod infrastructure has a high scalable infrastructure and will provide redundant and reliable against catastrophic events.

Green Cloud is partner with Peak 10, which operates the state of art facilities and offer redundant, efficient and secure services. Its location in Tennessee has positioned the company for its rapid growth and expansion in Westward. Its new expansion will be able to respond quickly to damages in services and continue to offer non-stoppable services to its customers.

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