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BioLite Camp Stove cooks food and charges your phone

BioLite Camp Stove

The hikers and campers are looking for different ways to charge their gadgets and easy ways of cooking food when hundreds of miles away from their home. When sitting in a summer camp you might be thinking about winter stocking of food, wood and major gadgets to be ready in winter fall. However, now things have become easy with BioLite Brilliant camp stove. Now the BioLite is working to make the camping season bit more greener and interesting with lots of fun with your gadgets.

Gadgets need continuous charging when you are away for camping as well as you need sources to cook your food. This was years ago that such things were creating a major difficulty for the people and we were unable to move around for long travel due to such minor problems. The BioLite recently introduced an interesting dual tasks performing camp stove which function as conversion of wastecoal fuel to electricity and help you to cook your food and charge your gadgets. It is really interesting that your phone will be charged on this camp stove while cooking or roasting your marshmallows.

A little difficulty for campers will be to collect the wood for using its energy for conversion to electric energy. It is looking an alternative to petroleum gas canisters which are powered with petrol to provide electricity. Also this BioLite camp stove is providing a safer way to open fires, which according to BioLite is causing two millions premature deaths every year in the world. The electricity which has been produced by this Biolite can also charge the LED lights as well as your phone gadgets like iPhone, iPod or USB MP3 audio device.

Just like many other eco-friendly products which are at their boom stage and companies are focusing to bring such products which must fulfill the health and safety standards, Biolite camp stove will fulfill the energy demand and help to use raw energy for the major requirements of human beings. When a natural disaster occur, people must be ready to stock required amount of food, water, stuff for shelter and many other things when displaced from their homes, however this camp stove can fulfill your all these requirements when you are going away from your home either due to some natural disaster or hiking and camping. Gadgets batteries will also end soon even at the start of your journey and probably you will need an efficient energy source for charging them. All you need for this is new Biolite camp stove and enjoys the use of this eco-friendly gadget.

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