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Articles in the ‘Outdoor Eco Gadgets’ Category

The Solar Velomobile

By admin on August 7th, 2014

After the hullabaloo about conserving energy and hybrid cars and a lot of bull…, this velomobile seems to be the only better alternative to moving around without burning a hole in the pocket.

It has a solar-panelled roof that can power this babe up to 45 miles and runs on a 600W electric motor. So, no gases, no hydrocarbons and no toxic waste..! Additionally, if the rider is young and can pedal, the pedalling power, converted to kinetic energy, can take this babe across the 100 mile marker. However, the pedalling has to be simultaneous along with the running electric motor. The maximum speed on just the motor is 20mph and with pedalling, it could go up to 30mph. The transmission on this piece of magic is intelligent enough to synchronise your pedalling with the motor.

Don’t judge by its size or fragile looks. This environmental friendly vehicle is made with aluminium [grade used to manufacture aircrafts] mounted on stainless steel chassis and highly durable carbon-fibre body. The LED lights and indictors are strong enough to signal afar.

The steering is very similar to a bicycle and this one comes with rear disc-brakes. Although small to look at, anyone who is 5’ to 7’ tall can ride this with ease.

The recharge is quite quick, either 7 hours in sunlight or 2 ½ hours through direct AC charger provided.

Classified as a bicycle, there are almost no legal paperwork or license requirements. The dimensions are quite small – 105” L X 48” W X 60” H and weighs only 150 pounds.

Priced at around USD 10,000, this is a steal for middle aged and the seniors to get around with ease and no maintenance.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

By Anny on May 15th, 2013

Solar chargers are generally designed  to be placed in a fixed location, or need to be attached to a mount. This might not be suitable in cases where you are in the move, as in while trekking or camping. You might also not find it feasible to carry a solar gadget along with your regular gear. Here’s a solution for such situations-in the form of a solar paneled bag which can be used to store your gear and also to generate power from exposure to the sun.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The solar panel is affixed to a rugged backpack which can be slung over your back. The bag is quite spacious and has a dimension of 1500 cubic inches. It can be used to carry and charge iPad’s, mobile phones, PDA’s, gaming devices, cameras and many more. The internal battery is made of Lithium Polymer and gives an output of 5.5 V&900Ma. It gets fully charged in 7 hours and can also be charged from an USB source or an AC power supply.

The panel is made of two 2 watt monocrystalline solar panels for an output of 4 W with 6-12 V.

The handy backpack weighs around 2000 gms (4.5 lbs) and has the dimensions of 18″ height,  16″width and  8″ in depth. The wire channels are placed all over the inside of the bag giving you a greater flexibility in charging your devices. A phone pouch attached to the shoulder strap can hold your phone while it’s being charged. The device also has an LED indicator indicating the solar charge. It’s made of recycled PET and is waterproof and UV resistant. You can choose from silver, charcoal and orange colors for the solar panel.

The Voltaic solar backpack comes with a warranty of 2 years. It’s priced at $289 and can be purchased from the below link. The gadget comes with a universal battery pack, 9 different USB tips including the micro and mini tips.

Biolite Camp stove

By Anny on April 7th, 2013

BioLite camp stove is a camping accessory designed to cook food using twigs and small pieces of wood that you can easily gather when in outdoors. It also comes with an USB charger that generates power from the flame and can be used to power your phones and other appliances.  The stove uses a proprietary technology that converts heat into electricity which powers a built-in fan as well as supplies power via the USB cable. The fan is designed to keep the flame high and ensures that optimum heat s generated by burning the twigs.

Biolite Camp stove

The BioLite camp stove not only suits camping needs but can also be used in case of a natural emergency or a power outage.  It does away with other forms of camp cooking equipment that need other forms of fuels-thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The stove just weighs 935 grams and is compact with a height of 8.25 inches and width of 5 inches. It gives a peak power output of 5.5 KW while on high and 3.4 KW when set to a low flame. As an estimate, you would need about 46 grams of wood to boil a liter of water in just 4.5 minutes. The stove comes witha handy stuff stack, a gas lighter and a USB cord which can be used to power a lot of devices including smartphones. You just need to collect twigs, wood pellets etc- and use them as a fuel for your stove. The stove is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic and can support a container of 8 lbs or 1 gallon of a liquid.

The Biolite camp stove is a very useful source of cooking in outdoors. It can also work as an on-demand electricity source, particularly at night in absence of regular power sources. It priced at $129 and can be purchased from their website at the below link.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

By Anny on April 1st, 2013

Here’s a feasible solution to all your charging needs. Be it a phone or any gadget which charges from an USB source, you can use the below portable device to charge them while on the move. The power panel uses solar energy to charge your devices and provides up to 2 watts of power which can be transmitted through a USB port. It’s quite useful when you are on the move, or outdoors as in while camping or trekking. The device does away with the necessity of a power source and can be used by just leaving it outdoors to face the sun.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

The device gives about 30% more energy when compared to other similar panels and is economicallypriced at $39.  The USB port is compatible with many devices and the package also includes adapters for Sony, Nokia and Samsung phones (Do check out the supporting phone models on the product page). It however cannot be used for charging an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.

The panel gives you a charge of up to 600mAh phone in 1.5 hours (Standard conditions) and consists of a durable ABS frame with dimensions of 6.9 in long, 3.9 in wide, 0.4 in thickness. It weighs just 84 grams and can be conveniently carried in your backpack. The device is recommended to be placed in direct sunlight and not behind a shade or a window.

The Sun Ray Pro Power Panel (P102) is a perfect accessory especially while you are traveling as it gives an easy and optimum charge within no time. You can purchase the Sun Ray Power Panel (P102) by accessing the below link.You can also check their range of solar lights, rechargeable batteries and other chargers.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

PowerTrekk- A Revolutionary Water Based Phone Charger

By Anny on March 30th, 2013

Imagine a handy charger which you can take along while you are travelling-one which can also charge your smartphones and other devices with ease. Your guess would be a solar powered charger or a backup battery arrangement. But you would quite be surprised to hear that there is a charger which ispowered by pure water and can charge your smartphones while on the move. Such technology has been in news a little while ago with a clock being made to work on pure water. The PowerTrekk charger is an extension of such technology ad uses pure water to run an internal circuit which in turn charges your phone.

PowerTrekk- A Revolutionary Water Based Phone Charger

The charger uses a fuel cell technology that converts hydrogen into electricity. Its driven by a replaceableFuelCellSticker which is made from foils and adhesives in the form of a fuel pack. This fuel packs need to be inserted into the device and when water is added from the inlet, a chemical reaction releases hydrogen which is then converted into electricity. The electricity is stored in the storage buffer which allows the device to function both as a battery as well as a charger.

The myFCPowerTrekk is priced at € 199. The fuel pack which needs to be replaced after some time is priced at € 4/puck (The Fuel cell is called -The Puck).


The output is USB compliant and corresponds to an output voltage of 5 volts and a power of 5 watts. The only bye-product is a bit of water vapor which is released into the atmosphere. The device is quite handy when you are traveling, and would not have access to regular power sources and sunlight.


PowerTrekk- A Revolutionary Water Based Phone Charger

The product is currently being sold in selectretail stores in Bulgaria and is expected to be available in different countries by early 2013. The device is safe, eco-friendly and is a perfect alternative to conventional solar chargers.

For more details on this technology, please access the below link.

Nokero Crestone Pro (N210C)

By Anny on March 28th, 2013

LED’s have been becoming popular since the past decade as they consume less electricity and also give more light when compared by power consumption.  We see them being used in indoors, gardens, outdoors in form of an arrangement of LED’s in a panel. One such low cost LED device is Nokero Crestone Pro (N210C) solar bulb which has been designed to run on solar power and provide a one-time purchasesolution for your lighting needs.

Nokero Crestone Pro (N210C)

The device is useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting and can be hung in your garden or patio and can also be taken along while on the move. The device coms with 4 wide-angle LED’s and would last for about9 hours when fully charged. A special circuit in the device makes it glow only in the dark so that you would not need to worry about the battery draining off in the morning hours. The device is portable and coms with a hook using which it can be hung from a surface.  The A4 sized rechargeable battery lasts approximately 2 years in normal conditions

The brightest light it can give in full charge is about 13 lumens. It has a dimensions-length-8.5cm, width-7.3cm&height-17cm and is made of polycarbonate casing along with a stainless steel hangar and a rubber bumper. The Nokero Crestone Pro weight just 130 grams and has a three-way switch which can be used to turn on-off or set to Low.

Nokero Crestone Pro (N210C)

Price: TheNokero Crestone Pro (N210C) is priced at $20 and can be purchased from the below link.

We also suggest buying the Solar Light bulb stand for this product enabling you to set the bulb on a fixed surface such as for reading etc. The stand is conveniently priced at $1.50 and can be purchased from their site.

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag for Hanging around Comfortably

By Anny on May 16th, 2012

Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

If you have craze of camping and going for hiking but hate to sleep on the bare land, here is something amazing to enjoy with your sound sleeping and safety. Hammock compatible sleeping bag has been designed especially for those who want to be 100 percent assure with safety and comfort while being away from the home. (more…)

ContourROAM camera Review

By Anny on May 12th, 2012

ContourROAM camera Review

Whenever you have to go for picnic, hiking or traveling far with friends or family, you probably need a best camera which is good at charging and need to beautifully save your snaps. Due to resolutions moving problem with most of the cameras, capturing the spontaneous moments become a big issue. Latest cameras have best many features regarding the solar empowerment and hard to break during accidents or falling down on the ground. But, award winning Contour ROAM camera is the right selection for photography. It is difficult to count the number of missed photos or those captured but with low quality resolution, mostly the moving objects photography is difficult with many of low quality cameras. (more…)

Garmin eTrex Summit system

By Anny on May 5th, 2012

Garmin eTrex Summit system

GPS devices, which are available today in the market, are more featured concerned than initially launched GPS system. Positioning services offered by these devices are featured with compass navigation along with GPS and altimeter. Same like the Brunton MNS device, eTrex summit combines an electronic compass with GPS and altimeter altogether. Same like in Brunton MNS system, Garmin eTrex summit is one of the GPS which is able to work while standing still. All the obligatory GPS features which are found in other GPS devices are available in this. (more…)

Brunton Multi-Navigator system with electric compass

By Anny on May 3rd, 2012

Brunton Multi-Navigator system

GPS system devices are getting more and more popular nowadays due to variety of our daily life requirements which are fulfilled with these GPS devices. GPS navigation gadgets are not only good for location tracking and measuring of areas, but thousands of tasks can be formed with them. It is the GPS system which has easily solved the lands measuring problem around the world. (more…)