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Declare A War Against Plastic Bags By Using Green-Aid Grenade Shopping Bags

Green-Aid Grenade Shopping Bags

No more patience, because time has come to start a war against all the pollution creating acts of human kinds and take our first step inside the battlefield by using Green-aid grenade shopping bags. Declare a war on plastic!  By now you know that using a re-usable shopping bag is the responsible thing to do… have fun and make a statement while doing so! Unzip and pull the bag out from its neoprene grenade cover when needed!  When you done just tuck the bag back into its cover.

This eco-friendly green-aid grenade shopping bag is reusable carrier bag and made of durable polyester. This has brought a subtle way to deliver the message and its pouch has been shaped like a grenade. Individuals have been budget conscious now is to be looking with a re-usable shopping bag on the internet will even be up-to-date enough to know why they’re good, and why disposable plastic carriers are bad, so let’s not go too deeply into that.

It’s safe to convey it’s better to generate one immortal plastic carrier bag shaped as being a grenade and use it for a good time, vs. making 290 immortal plastic carrier bags and mush them to the ground after one vacation to town to pick-up a sandwich. Green aid is intending to bring awareness among the people for using reusable eco friendly bags, through $19 grenade shopping bag.

This will be the logic behind Green-aid, along with the subtle way it delivers this message; wrapped as it really is in the skin of ammunition-shaped fabric, it’s kind of breath-taking. It’s the identical as getting one Italian sports car within your lifetime vs. 42 ten year old hatchbacks, kind of. And when it can be done to compare it with a Ferrari it has to be worth $16, right?

Plastic bags

This fun bag is comfortable to carry out and pull out when needed. All the supermarkets have been completely replaces with those of biodegradable bags. Folds into a small bag-shaped grenade and remains compact and lightweight to wait until it’s time to release it. When you open the shell remains visible on the opening of the bag so you can let everyone see what you are aggressive when it comes to protecting the environment. We are hopeful that more promising results will be achieved in near future and similar green technology will rule the world.

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