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How Shopping Online Can be Called Green Shopping?

By admin on September 11th, 2015

There are many ways how to be environmentally friendly at the daily basis. One of these ways is shopping online. But how come that be green? Want to know how? Read these few reasons why and learn that you can be a green shopper and smart shopper online easily!

No paper needed

Since you are shopping online, you won’t get any printed checks, receipts or other stuff that might be printed while shopping traditional way. So because online retailers tend to write everything in their websites, you won’t waste paper at all! Also, you won’t get any paper brochures and all spam is going to be in your email box. So shopping online is definitely a paper-free way to shop.

No gas needed

Again, because you are going to shop from your home, you won’t use any gas to go to the store. Scientists actually discovered that driving to a store is the most not eco-friendly way while shopping. And you can just purchase everything from everywhere. Delivery companies will ship it to you within a few days without you even leaving your home. It will all come to your doorstep and all you need to do then – dress up and welcome a delivery boy. So none of your gas in needed while shopping online.

No paper coupons needed

If you that kind of shopper who love extreme couponing then online shopping can also give you the same amount of discounts and still be environmentally friendly. Forget about thousands of newspapers and a huge waste of paper. Online millions of coupons are wandering and waiting for you. It all works the same as paper coupons and it is also free to use. You can even find some places where you can use the same coupons while shopping online. In fact, online coupons to shop at Target from will do the same trick reducing prices as paper coupons. Furthermore, sometimes you can even get even more bargain deals while shopping online rather than off. So forget about paper coupons what you are going to throw away anyway and start using online ones.

A lot of choices for greener products

Another reason why shopping online is greener is the ability to find greener type of products much easier. Then you are shopping offline, sometimes it might get hard to find the right products that meet your green philosophy. Well, while shopping online you won’t struggle any more because there are thousands special websites that offer only eco-friendly products. And you can shop for it as much as you want and get more choices every time you are looking for some new products to try! So yay!

Much less energy needed

Shopping online also means that you are using much less energy than shopping off. In fact, to maintain internet services is much cheaper than to maintain one huge supermarket. So all data centers and computers, turns out, are a relatively small energy cost for e-commerce. And you can definitely support it if you e-shop. Also, you are going to use much less energy in general at your own. First, you won‘t need to go to a shower and make yourself all pretty before shopping (if you do that). You just can sit at home with only one computer on and shop from the entire world simply. So it is definitely a winning situation here for Earth.

Why are Perfume Cans and Other Aerosols Considered Harmful To The Environment?

By Anny on February 28th, 2013

We all use aerosol dispensers in many ways in our life-right from the can of the perfume to paint sprays, insect repellants etc. They all contain compressed fluids, which are contained in high pressure and can be pointed and sprayed to release the gas inside. However, to create such an effect within a can, the mixture inside the can also contains harmful CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) which are a major cause of the ozone layer depletion and air pollution. These CFC’s are used as propellants inside the can as they help in directing the mixture inside to come out as a thrust of a gas spray.

When these CFC’s are released in the air, they slowly start moving up the atmosphere and get concentrated. This is when they are affected by the electro-magnetic radiation of the sun causing them to release chlorine ions in the atmosphere. This chlorine reacts with the ozone resent in the atmosphere and slowly starts displacing the free ozone molecules. As we all know, the ozone layer protects  us from harmful  rays of the sun, without which the normal sun light we see would also have contained a higher proportion of harmful radiation that would have a damaging effects of us as well as a the eco-system.

World-over, CFC’s are widely used in pressure cans to help dispense the product as a sprays, with the perfume industry being one of the major users of this technology. There has been a recent awareness on this trend that has resulted in a gradual shift from such usage. However, as with any other form of pollution, the decrease in the cause is not evenly spread out, and there is still a rampant usage of such technology.

Instead of aerosol dispenser, we can use a pressure pump, or a fluid form of the product as and when possible. Major perfume brands have been moving away from such harmful chemicals and are using other alternative propellants in perfumes. We also see a gradual increase in pressure pumps to dispel larger amounts of fluid such as insecticides, agricultural sprays etc. Not only do CFC’s damage the ozone layer, but this unwanted additions also cause health hazards in some people with sensitive allergies. So, before you find a spray can handy, think in a broader perspective, and take a wise decision.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

By Anny on February 26th, 2013

Most of use miss giving more than a glance at the packaging materials that come with most of the goods we purchase. They are often thrown away, with a confidence that such thin sheets or balls would not cause any major harm and can be easily taken care of. However, the actual consumption of such materials which are again sourced from natural sources which do require a direct consumption of natural resources and an usage of manufacturing energy makes them  require more than a thought. It shouldn’t be a major surprise to know that packaging material account for more than 30% of the world not industrial waste in emerging economic.

Eco-Friendly Packages

What we can do to reduce such ha a trend is by using recyacble materials for packaging, which means that attractive plastic covers, boxes etc  need to be excluded as much as possible. Using cardboard or paper helps the waste to degrade naturally and does not cause any inherent pollution.

Also, we can also ensure that such packaging be reused whenever possible, so that it serves multiple uses which would otherwise have consumed a fresh set of packaging materials. Even recyclable materials do have to come from a natural source  require a production set-up which consumes energy, require transportation- which causes pollution and requires fuel.

Eco-Friendly Packages

So of the alternatives to conventional packaging is using bamboo based packaging boxes, jute bags and other fiber yielding sources which can be optimally sourced from the environment. Also, you can give precedence to packaging material which have been sourced from PCM (Post Consumer Materials) such as waste plastic products etc so that such materials are productively used instead being hazardously disposed off or incarcerated to cause air and soil pollution. Also check if the material is easily compostable, so that its disposal does not cause any adverse effects.

Major brands such as Dell, Gucci etc have implemented  sustainable packaging materials in their product delivery  so as to create a eco-friendly  product system. You too can do your part by checking with your local stores to see if they have such options, and can also educate people around on the available alternatives and better ways to optimize packaging use.  Many products have a mention of the packaging  type used on the carton itself, so that consumers can make a wise choice.

So…before you just trash a sheet of wrap into the litter can,  do see if you can have a better turn-around for such choices.

Acid Rain-What We All Need To Know About

By Anny on February 24th, 2013

The Eco-system we live is very  fragile with a large set of interrelated elements that mutually aspect each other. One small disturbance causes a chain of reactions that manifest in different forms. Hence, its of utmost importance that we as environmentally  conscious citizens know that repercussions of our actions. Acid rain is one such phenomenon that is a direct consequence of air pollution and causes a change in the chemical nature of rain water over a large area.

Primary causes of an acid rain is the burning of fossil fuel  such as coal, oil etc which release  toxic gases such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. These gases tend to dissolve in the rain droplets in the cloud causing the rain water to become slightly acidic. Such rainfall causes damage to plants, soil, buildings, animals, marine life etc. Some other lesser known causes of acid rains are lightening which causes an oxidation of nitrogen in the air and also the soot emitted by active volcanoes.

Acid Rain-What we all need to know about

A primary result of an acid rain is the gradual corrosion of metals used in construction. Structures made of stones such as limestone, granite etc can also get eroded or lose their sheen and strength.  It also effect marine life as sensitive species of fish cannot tolerate any change in the chemical nature of sea water which is majorly fed from rains. It also damages forests and causes changes in the soil which makes it very difficult for cultivating certain types of crops. The damage is more in regions located  near mountains and in high altitudes.

Acid rains are not generally specific to a particular  region as the movement of clouds and storms carry clouds far away from the region which generates pollution. Also, the water table beneath the earth, the river systems  which are largely interlinked do carry the acidic water across different geographies.

The solution lies in gradually moving towards non-polluting ways of generating power and also reducing pollution and also treating the pollutants by filtering the acidic oxides before the gases are released into the air. Small steps we individually take towards such aspects can greatly help our environment before it becomes a largely impacted. Hence, its very essential for each of us to be aware of how we can all contribute in our own way to save our nature.



Orange Demonstrates Sound Charge T-Shirts That Power Your Phone

By Dev on September 27th, 2012

Orange Demonstrates Sound Charge T-Shirts

In case you may wonder that these guys are wearing mouse pads on the t-shirts, you might be misunderstood about new green power technological gadgets by Orange. This is the new technology of orange UK, and it should be known as something which will help you to charge your mobile phone. It does so using piezoelectric with the absorption of vibration from sound. I am going out on a limb here and guess that the white pads on the belly are sound sponges. I would also imagine that this technology is highly effective if you are in the front row of a concert. Yes, now you can text and take pic all you want while the deep bass powers your mobile device.


Declare A War Against Plastic Bags By Using Green-Aid Grenade Shopping Bags

By Dev on September 26th, 2012

Green-Aid Grenade Shopping Bags

No more patience, because time has come to start a war against all the pollution creating acts of human kinds and take our first step inside the battlefield by using Green-aid grenade shopping bags. Declare a war on plastic!  By now you know that using a re-usable shopping bag is the responsible thing to do… have fun and make a statement while doing so! Unzip and pull the bag out from its neoprene grenade cover when needed!  When you done just tuck the bag back into its cover.


Vincent Callebaut Concept Of Eco Village

By Dev on September 24th, 2012

Vincent Callebaut Concept Of Eco Village

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember amazing eco concept of Vincent Callebaut – Lilypad. But Vincent continues to pump out amazing concepts of futuristic eco systems. This time inspired by the organic form of coral he has created utopian eco villages for 1,000 Haitian families affected in 2010 by an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. This village has been named the Coral reef eco village.

Built upon seismic piers off the coast of the mainland, the prefabricated, modular units can be fit into a wave-like matrix as space is needed. Each family would have a plot of land to grow their own food. A canyon flows between two rows of housing and is filled with a tropical ecosystem for the local fauna and the flora.


Lighting The Way For Baby Sea Turtles With Halco Amber Bulbs

By Dev on September 23rd, 2012

Lighting The Way For Baby Sea Turtles With Halco Amber Bulbs The turtle nesting beach of Florida is facing many unnatural and natural threats and forty percent of the beaches have been classified as eroded from natural causes. Dallas Light Bulb is leading manufacturer in consumer lighting products.

Dallas has started to offer selling Halco LED amber colored light bulbs to hotels in Miami Beach, Florida, in the hopes that they can meet the standards for Turtle Light Certification. The amber light is being used instead of traditional, white light to combat turtle nesting and hatchling issues which are usually due to artificial lights fixed on the beaches.


Encouraging Eco Tourism In Kenya

By Dev on September 22nd, 2012

Eco tourism is although a new emerging field in Africa, its growth in Kenya has been little short of spectacular. In the past five years, some of the world’s most pioneering and promising community tourism projects have been launched here, a new breed of safari camps has grown up using state-of-the-art environmental technologies, and initiatives helping local communities to benefit from their natural resources have launched a ‘green revolution’ in many of the country’s wildlife-rich tribal lands.

In 1997, first time Kenyan Eco-tourism industry drew the attention of world when the now-famous community lodge at Il’ Ngwesi was a runner-up in British Airways’ prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow awards. In the four years since, two other properties – Tortilis Camp in Amboseli and OlDonyoWuas in the Chyulu Hills – have also been honoured in the awards. IL’ Ngwesi has gone on to become a model for community tourism projects across Africa.

So when the United Nations Environment Programme last year elected Nairobi as the venue for the International Year of Ecotourism African Conference, it all made perfect eco-sense. Staged as part of the UN’s 2002 Year of Ecotourism, the March 20-22 conference will bring together a broad variety of ecotourism experts and practitioners for three days of presentations, discussions and field trips that aim to improve local practices and information sharing. Together with five other regional conferences, the findings and recommendations of the Nairobi forum will be presented to the world’s first Ecotourism Summit in Quebec on May 19th – allowing Kenya’s best ecotourism practices and ideas to be heard around the world.


Elektra One Electric Plan Is The Greenest Success

By Dev on September 21st, 2012

Elektra One Electric Plan Is The Greenest Success

Considering the Go Green technology and getting out cars to be electric, I guess it was only a matter of time before planes also gone electric. NASA has currently sponsored a CAFÉ green Flight challenge and Elektra One is the PC-aero entry, a single-seat aircraft and it has completed its first flight of 500 meters high and quickly landed on the ground. Elektra one has been powered with powerful electric batteries which make it capable to fly fast and land quickly when batteries are near to end the charging. On its second flight, Elektra one stayed in the air for about half hour.