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How Shopping Online Can be Called Green Shopping?

There are many ways how to be environmentally friendly at the daily basis. One of these ways is shopping online. But how come that be green? Want to know how? Read these few reasons why and learn that you can [...]

Why are Perfume Cans and Other Aerosols Considered Harmful To The Environment?

We all use aerosol dispensers in many ways in our life-right from the can of the perfume to paint sprays, insect repellants etc. They all contain compressed fluids, which are contained in high pressure and can be pointed and sprayed [...]

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Most of use miss giving more than a glance at the packaging materials that come with most of the goods we purchase. They are often thrown away, with a confidence that such thin sheets or balls would not cause any [...]

Acid Rain-What We All Need To Know About

The Eco-system we live is very  fragile with a large set of interrelated elements that mutually aspect each other. One small disturbance causes a chain of reactions that manifest in different forms. Hence, its of utmost importance that we as [...]

Orange Demonstrates Sound Charge T-Shirts That Power Your Phone

In case you may wonder that these guys are wearing mouse pads on the t-shirts, you might be misunderstood about new green power technological gadgets by Orange. This is the new technology of orange UK, and it should be known [...]

Declare A War Against Plastic Bags By Using Green-Aid Grenade Shopping Bags

No more patience, because time has come to start a war against all the pollution creating acts of human kinds and take our first step inside the battlefield by using Green-aid grenade shopping bags. Declare a war on plastic!  By [...]