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Dev | Jan 06, 2021

                                                                 Best Solar Cookers

Solar cookers are meant to trap the solar energy with the help of in-built reflectors which are meant to focus the energy of the sun on cooking containers. Novel designs of cooking vessels have been developing from time to time and time as their designs are easy to build and do not cost more. Indeed, solar cooker owes their popularity to the act that it does not need firewood and therefore one can save money. Let us have a quick look over some of the best solar cookers which sell more.

Although, solar cookers do not cost much homemade solar cooker can be made easily with cardboard boxes, cost almost nothing, and are long lasting. These solar cookers can be produced at dirt cheap prices. From time to time, solar cooker designers keep on coming up with solar cooker designs. The basic idea on which the designing of the solar cooker is based is how these cookers focus light on the cooking vessel. Most commonly design of the solar cooker concentrate light from below and there are several designs under this category that are classified according to the kind of reflectors they use.


Parabolic solar cookers are probably the first type of solar cookers and the popularity of this cooker is due to its design. Parabolic solar cooker design would is such that the solar energy gets focused much better on the cooking vessel. Solar hot dog cooker is a type of parabolic solar cooker on which the parallel rays of the sun are incident and focused. Solar cooker price is affordable to all and this cooker is available in various designs. The boxed solar cooker is one of the most widely-used solar cookers both in the developed as well as developing countries. These types of solar cookers can be made by cardboard easily.


The boxed solar cookers are commonly used in households and are meant for tough use. Then there are other types of cookers called combination or panel cookers. These types of cookers are also known as combination cookers. These types of solar cookers are designed in such a way that they can be easily used and are not expensive. These are also meant for easy storage. These are convenient to use and unlike in a boxed cooker here, insulation is not required. Parabolic solar cookers are also curved concentrator cookers. These solar cookers are one of the oldest and most commonly used solar cookers which require extraordinary high temperature. These are the best solar cookers when large-scale cooking is required.


There are many benefits to solar cookers. By harnessing the energy of the sun you can cut down on the costs of fuels. It is totally safe to use and a great way to get healthy food prepared without any fuel. In fact, a solar cooker is a great way of conserving fuel and making use of free and wonderful energy from the sun. So, bring the best solar cooker today and contribute to making the environment green.

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