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Garden Solar Insect Zappers

Solar Insect Zappers

The summer season is on the way, and the insects are out. Killing pests is hard work as it’s difficult to kill just a certain type of insects without harming animals and potentially humans. The Solar Insect Zappers are a set of 2 chemical-free solar-powered insect killing lamps.

The ultra-violet (UV) light attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other insects towards the lamp. Then the 300 Volt electric charge dispatches the insect virtually instantaneously. A single charge will operate the insect zapper for up to 8 hours. The lamp itself is made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust when it rains. To protect curious hands and nosy pets, a grate surrounds the lamp, allowing only the insects to be harmed.

Since insecticides are designed to kill, there’s no doubt that they will harm creatures other than the ones you’re targeting. So a chemical-free, free-energy solution to deal with bugs definitely gets my vote. The insect killing lamps are available for $45.99 from Amazon.

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