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Go Green with Renewable energy

Renewable energy

A huge scale depletion of natural resources is definitely a great problem for thinkers. We are living on a planet where resources awarded to us are on the limited scales, although we have been using them for millions of years, still they have not ended but will end one day. Similarly like water, food and other resources required for the survival of human beings, energy is not a renewable resource if we continue to use animal fossils. In many conferences around the world relating to ‘energy death’ and selection of renewable energy resources for our survival is one of the top discussed topics around the globe.

Before discussing about renewable energy resources for go green approach, it is important to learn about types of energy and what is exactly the term named as ‘energy death’. Despite the recent nuclear energy plants establishment in United States, there is huge debate in European Union and major leading Asian countries about use of nuclear power for the benefits of mankind instead of its role in WMDs. One of the Omaha businessman and Philanthropist Mr. Walter Scott told about nuclear energy for go green that it is the only economical and cheap resource available to fulfill the energy needs as solar and nuclear energy have no limitations and they are also the renewable resources. He further told that for him to answer about reduction of carbon dioxide, this is the only option which he will like to tell the officials and management of countries with no hazards or remains.

Solar and wind generated electricity need the subsidies from government. However due to accidents of 1979 in three islands of Pennsylvania, United States cannot depend on its on nuclear energy and solar energy resources and might depend on Japan and France for their equipment’s purchase.  If we think about Go Green environment, we should focus on electric cards because it is the only option available for its reduction if nuclear energy is not favored by the major countries.

Five easy Earth saving Tips

The earth day was successfully celebrated last month and we have got perfect time to go green. But it is the responsibility of each individual to show how much s/he cares for the world and to learn about tips for prevention of wastage regarding water, energy and other basic resources in our lives. The things to care for really Go Green environment are;

  1. Fixing of all water leaking fixtures
  2. Instead of huge fuel consumption resources, use the low fuel consumption resources, like use of bike instead of driving the car.
  3. Recycle or reuse everything which you can, this recycling process is best method to stop pollution in our atmosphere.
  4. Use the local products and foods manufactured
  5. Use reusable jute bags instead of plastic and rubber bags



Renewable energy resources

Renewable energy resources

Renewable energy can be defined as the type of energy which can harness from sun, oceans, air or wind, from renewable organic matters or prepared from biomass. So fossils of animals which are categorized as petroleum energy arenot included in the category of renewable energy.

The increasing use of these types of energy can help us to cut down the emissions of Carbon dioxide in atmosphere, with positive impacts of renewable energy on our environment. Heating and powering our homes with alternative energy sources looks like brainless approach when we shout out slogan for Go Green. What is not simple to decide is selection of which fuel being right for our environment. Whether we should use wind power, geothermal energy sources, hydropower, nuclear power energy and not enough to stop once we decide for such energy source to select. Based on pros and cons of solar energy, nuclear energy, hydropower and petroleum sources, we can get something easy judgment to select the right energy source for our eco-friendly environment. When we have taken the initiatives for selection of right energy resource for us, we can get the positive results regarding go green environment and start from home to our country and whole world.

Alternative energy in home

Before starting to Go Green environment, a major cut down will be required in electricity which we consume in our home. With cutting down of electricity sources for your home energy requirements and cut down with sources with omit carbon dioxide, positive results will be experienced in our these endeavors. First we are connected directly with traditional electricity resources in our home which is produced from petroleum sources and it will be required to bring major cut down in petroleum made electricity. Simply starting with small solar panels in home for consumption of solar energy, we can approach towards the most sophisticated and civilized world of solar energy consumers.

The first part to convert to green energy is to call your electricity provider company and ask for alternative energy source which is available with them. Though in the start you have to pay extra for moving toward these resources and purchase of extra equipment for wind or solar energy production, you will need to pay $30 per month for solar energy consumption.

There are two major types of solar powers which we can use in our homes, categorized as;

  • Active solar energy, and
  • Passive solar energy

The active solar energy is produced through direct solar cells which capture sunrays, convert them into solar energy in solar panels installed and bring them available for our use. The passive solar energy is not so expensive like active solar energy because they don’t involve the photovoltaic cells for energy production. The only disadvantage of using renewable energy is the large tracts of lands which will become unusable after this energy production and effects of noise pollution. However as compared to petroleum products, solar energy and nuclear energy have less negative impacts.

Also use of bioenergy is much beneficial for the environment if we are succeeded to produce this source in sustainable way. The rate of displacement of carbon dioxide by bio energy depends upon the efficiency with which this energy source is used and produced. Use of renewable energy is proved to be beneficial as eco-friendly and might bring the positive effects for our future generations.

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