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Going Solar in Australia is easy – Choosing the right installer

Practicing a little discipline in power consumption could save money as well the planet in terms of slowing down global warming. Did you ever think in terms of going solar? Going solar has its own advantages as every other website would tell you.

If you cannot cut down on power consumption, the best way to save money and save the world would be to get solar panels installed. Contrary to popular perception about efficiency of solar power and supply on dark days, the technology has evolved and today, you really will face no problems using it 24 X 7.

While solar industry is more popular in underdeveloped countries and remote or undeveloped areas of developing and developed countries in absence of electric supply, today, these areas have better power supply than those served by the electric companies.

Coming to facts and figures, solar panels are not as complicated as they seem to be and are easy to install. Again, don’t pursue the DIY path, it is not as easy as it seems. Getting a company or a consultant to install them is a good idea. Before selection, consider the following:

  1. Certification: The installer you choose should be certified or accredited by the relevant agency. In UK, it is mandatory that such installer is certified by MSC, failing which the installation will not qualify for the feed-in to the electricity company or receive payments for the same. In Australia, the Clean Energy Council Accreditation Scheme is available that conducts the CPD (Continued Professional Development) programs for installers and designers. The best of installers are always certified by multiple agencies relevant to that country.
  2. Inspection: Make sure that the installer visits your home or office where the installation is intended to get the right preview of installation and assess suitability. A good installer will also suggest the right panels and work on the specific and customized requirements.
  3. Warranty: A good and certified installer will always give you a warranty on workmanship for at least 1 year. Solar panels themselves generally come with a 20 year warranty and the additional inverters and batteries have a lesser warranty period of around 5 years.
  4. References: If you have any doubts about the installer, you can ask for references of his previous work and get the right feedback directly from the horse’s mouth.
  5. Sales talk: Many installers may talk sales but will not walk the entire path as discussed. Don’t give in to tactics like limited period offers and other such sales tricks. Buy right, buy at leisure.
  6. Quotations: Ask for quotations from at least three installers and ensure that you compare them after reading and understanding all of them. This will ensure that you make the right and an informed decision.

From an Australian purview, solar technology has caught on very well in the country and after ensuring that the technology is right there for the undeveloped areas to use, the urban areas are also looking forward to save on energy bills and ensure that they leave a greener legacy for the next generation. If you live in Australia, it is imperative that you have access to the best options to go solar quickly. The best way to begin would be to ask for Australian solar quotes and start saving money and the planet.

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