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Lunar Car – Solar Powered Robot Kit

Lunar Car Solar Powered Robot Kit

The Solar Powered Lunar Car is a complex model that will move across a flat surface once assembled correctly. The model comes in multiple parts to construct which helps educate children on a multitude of things, like gear box operation, motor operation and the potential of solar power.

The Solar Powered Lunar Car Kit is constructed from balsa wood pieces which come on a pre cut board, needing to be pressed out and pieced together. The kit contains the parts needed for making the model work and complex instructions. The model is not simple to construct but has detailed instructions with illustrations to help you arrange over 100 parts into a working model. Through making the model you can learn about how motors and automatic transmissions work, how a gear box is constructed and how it operates, how the wiring goes together to connect everything and how the solar energy is taken and converted into electrical energy that the motor can use to operate the model.

The Solar Powered Lunar Car is a great educational model, helping children to learn through play on a multitude of areas. Because of its complexity though adult assistance will be required, also to construct the model you will need a screwdriver, long nose pliers, a sharp knife and sandpaper to help smooth the pieces. The model can be run from a battery instead of solar power, but requires you to provide this AA battery.

The Lunar Car costs just £19.12 plus delivery.

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