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Samsung’s Blue Earth solar phone is ultra-green

Samsung's Blue Earth solar ph

New Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just a bunch of solar panels; this phone is made of recycled plastic along with featuring a pedometer and embedded software to tell about your efforts for saving this planet.  In a fast race by top entertainment and technology gadgets manufacturers, corporate social responsibility concerns that they must follow the processes and steps which are according to Go Green environment approach.

Companies now require adopting the production process which are according to green environment acts and should contribute every year for saving this planet from their profitability. They are few people who are unable to be reached because they have no energy resources available to charge their gadgets. It’s also the happening situation with people who are going out for travel or camping, charging the gadgets might be great problem for any people. But worries are not worries anymore, because latest science and technology have changed everything which it could do for us. Now Blue Earth cellphone from Samsung is going to be unveiled from Samsung in Barcelona after couple of days during a Mobile world congress.

Blue Earth phone is blue colored not just due to its solar panels embedded, but it is has been manufactured from recycled plastic. Software has been used in Samsung blue earth, which will inform you for how much solar energy you consume and helping the planet to go green. Being best eco-friendly gadgets which we have seen up till now, this is one of the interesting cellphone which has been made from recycled plastic and featuring a pedometer.

Blue Earth solar phone

Besides being eco-friendly and handy cellphone, it also has gorgeous appearance. The solar panels are residing on its both sides and handset operates on latest touch screen technology. Despite the use of new technology, solar panels, this handset is slim and smart to fit in your pocket nicely. More about its availability and pricing will be known next week, according to Technology news of CNET.

Those groups which will feel crazy to use this set will be sportsmen, fish enthusiasts, hunters, travellers and campers. This handset will make them to extend their camping and wilderness with no worries to charge their handset. But game is not ending here; we are expecting more powerful solar energy charging sets in near future because this technology is going far fast than any other technology gadgets and more and more handsets are launched every month. Solar energy handsets are adopting the true eco-friendly approach and will be helpful for protection of our environment.

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