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Solar Powered Battery Charger

Solar Powered Battery Charger

With the Solar Powered Battery Charger you can make using rechargeable batteries a step more environmentally friendly. Able to be transported with you the charger allows you to be able to charge up your batteries in places without a standard electricity supply, or simply help you use less mains electric by charging your batteries through solar power.

The Solar Powered Battery Charger is suitable for AA, AAA, C and D type batteries. It also comes with a collection of connectors for commonly used portable electronics such as Nokia phones, portable CD players and portable hand held game devices.  The charger is shaped to include a handle in its design to help it be carried easily. The solar panel has been built into the lid of the device with the main body of the device to take the batteries requiring charging. The charger can be positioned at an angle due to its adjustable stand so the solar panels can take full advantage of any sunlight around.

The device can charge both NiCad or NiMH rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately though it can charge 4 batteries at a time it can only charge the same type (e.g. AA) make, and the same sized capacity (e.g. 500mA). The device can take 1-1.5 hours for 4 x 180mA AAA to charge and 3-3.5 hours for 4 x 500mA AA batteries. It is estimated it would take 9-11 hours for 4 x 1500mA D batteries to become fully charged. All these charge times though are subject to the light levels where the charger has been placed. Though this is not a quick charger it does use an eco-friendly energy source and would help top up a rechargeable battery’s charge when out away from mains electricity.

The Solar Powered Battery Charger costs just £15.28 plus delivery.

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