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Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot

Solar Powered Plant Pot

The Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot is an attractive alternative to the boring old flower pots you might have around the home. Using a solar panel, the plant pot charges up during the day and gently glows during the night. Depending on how much sun light you get, you can get between 2 to 8 hours of glowing pleasure before the battery runs out.

The plant pot comes with a solar panel on a 3 metre length of cable. This means you can position the solar panel to get the best sunlight. The solar panel fits on top of a plastic stake, which means you can mount the solar panel in the plant pot if you wish.

There’s a solar plant pot that glows white for £19.95, and a colour-changing plant pot for £22.95. The plant pot is not 100% water-proof, so you just need to ensure it doesn’t become too saturated in water.

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