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Solar Powered LED Flower Light

Solar Powered LED Flower Light

This Solar Powered LED Flower Light can add a touch of fantasy to any garden or outdoor area. The flower heads each contain a LED to provide illumination, giving them a gentle beautiful glow.

The Solar Powered LED Flower Light can be used to provide a talking point for your outdoor areas, either by placing the device in a clearly seen area as a feature or putting it somewhere more hidden to add a surprise to anyone wandering your garden. Each of the 3 flower heads contains its own LED to provide illumination, creating a warm and attractive glowing flower head.

The flower light uses solar power to provide the energy to light the LED’s, this energy is stored in the internal 600mA NI-CD storage battery. When the battery has been fully charged it can provide you with over 8 hours of illumination from the lights. Some thought must be given when placing the light to ensure that the solar panel receives enough sunlight to charge the battery so that the LED’s can provide you with a beautiful lighting effect throughout the night.

The Solar Powered LED Flower Light can provide a fantastical touch to any outdoor area. Due to the use of solar energy as a power source the light is easy to install and requires no complicated wiring nor will it incur any long term running costs.

The Solar Powered LED Flower Light is just £23.67 plus delivery.

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