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Solar Powered Nintendo DS lite

Solar Powered Nintendo DS lite Gadget

It appears that the Nintendo DS Lite was made for solar panels, as the Instructables author dark sponge has created a useful solar charger for the DS Lite. The top face has enough space for two 60x60mm solar cells side by side, each outputting 3V at 40mA.

By installing another 2 solar cells on the bottom of the DS. Each pair is wired in series, and the 2 pairs are wired together in parallel. This gives you a total of 6 volts at 80mA, perfect for charging a DS lite. To charge the DS, you simply open it out and leave it in the sun. The article was recently updated to use a charge protection circuit, so keep an eye out for the revised Instructable.

Source: Instructables via Technabob

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