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Solar Ski Jacket – Eco-Friendly, Stylish and Pricey

Of all the places to have a solar panel, a jacket is not exactly my first choice. The solar ski jacket features a neoprene collar with solar panels stitched into them. The solar panels can then be used to charge mobile phones, ipods, and any other usb-connected devices.

The jacket has re-inforced shoulder panels ideal for carrying ski equipment, fully taped seams to water-proof the jacket, detachable hood, and a few other fancy features. The solar panels are capable of charging devices needing a 5-6V input voltage.

And here’s the best bit, it costs $1,350. Hmmm, completely negating the benefit of the green gadget angle! I think it’s a premium clothing line so that you look like you’re eco-friendly. If you’re looking for cheap clothes, then forget this jacket.

Source: OhGizmo!

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