Sunflowers inspire improved solar power plant

Dev | Jan 06, 2021

Sunflowers inspire Solar Power Plant

Thousands of sunflowers have been planted to help fight the radiation and pollution in Fukushima, Japan. A chief monk of Buddhism temple Joenji temple told that this view is exhibiting like invisible snow covering the fall. This well-tuned geometry of florets on the surface of sunflowers has exhibited a view to choose the layout of mirrors and concentrate sunlight and produce electricity.

Sunflower solar power station is a hugely powerful and new solar-powered system that gets the electric rays and converts them for electricity production. This sunflower field in Japan was the first place where the idea of solar energy gathering first came into the mind of scientists. This sunflower inspired layout can help to reduce the footprint of CSP-concentrating solar power plants by 20%, for the launching of a technology that is massive and unlimited.

Concentrating solar power plants gather the sunrays on big size mirrors, each of which mirror has the size of half a tennis court to get sun rays to a tube filled with fluid on its tower top. You can watch a big tower while crossing in Toyota because an excessive amount of solar power plants have been implemented in Japan and they gather lots of solar energy to convert and use for their own benefits.

According to MIT research which was published in the Journal of solar energy, it has been focused that a large number of mirrors should be installed on the ground which will radiate out from a central tower. These solar rays will be reflected by the mirrors and concentrate on a central huge tower in which water or other liquid will produce steam to run the turbines, electric generators, producing a large amount of electricity.

Solar Power Plant

The placement of mirrors and designing a large tower will be of course a critical work for the engineers, but it doesn’t mean that we will fail to get our targeted goals. The technology has been successfully implemented and several countries are benefiting from this. This solar energy is called concentrating solar thermal power. Scientists taught that computer added models will help them to generate new designs. In a bid to enhance the efficiency and optimization of the layout, they found a format in which mirrors were close enough to one another and reduced the land occupying by 10 percent. We were hopeful that the CSP industry will bring new designs and solar power will be utilized positively to fully adopt the go green approach.

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