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G3 Rocket Stove – Highly Efficient Wood Burner

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 29th, 2011

G3 Rocket Stove

The G3 Rocket Stove is a camp cooking stove with a difference; it’s fuelled by twigs and burns cleanly, and intensely to give convenient, near-instand heat. It’s highly efficient and quick and easy to use, while at 5kg being light enough to allow for easy transportation. The stove is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor life, suitable for camping and caravaning, or for those who enjoy cooking outdoors at home but wish to do so in a more eco-friendly way.

G3 Rocket Stove

The G3 Rocket Stove has been created by Envirofit. As with the Wood Rocket Stove, the stove uses a rocket elbow design to allow it to work in an energy efficient manner. It was produced to help those in developing nations, to supply a stove that would produce significantly less smoke and harmful gasses than open fires or other similarly bad options, while using as little fuel as possible. As a result the stove has been constructed to last, its US-patented metal alloy combustion chamber is able to allow years of successful use. Its lightweight insulation allows the stove to be around 25% lighter than most rival rocket stoves while providing excellent efficiency of fuel use.

G3 Rocket Stove

When using an open wood fire, there are many substances that form the visible and invisible elements of smoke. These include methane, carbon monoxide, sooty particles of tar, and many other hydrocarbons like formaldehyde and benzene are. These harmful substances are mostly burnt away by the rocket stove. This means you get up to an 80% reduction in smoke and other harmful gasses, while reducing wood consumption by up to 60%. The design additionally allows you to start cooking your food within around 5 minutes after lighting, much more quickly than on an open fire. Though open fires are enjoyed by many, a lot of outdoor places ban you from using them. This is mainly due to the damage that they can cause to the ground and the risk that an open fire can spread. This type of stove is often allowed in such places as they do not scorch the grass nearly as much as an open fire would, and they contain the fire more safely than an open fire.

This all combines to make the G3 Rocket Stove an eco-friendly option, using as little wood as possible and using it in as efficient a way as possible. Using locally sourced sustainable woods to fuel the stove only adds to this. Perfectly suited to those who enjoy outdoor life the light weight stove can be easily transported with you to wherever you require it, allowing you to enjoy connecting with nature. Even if you only want a stove for use out on picnics or for a garden BBQ the stove helps to ensure you enjoy your cooked food while causing as low an impact on the environment as possible.

Source: Wild Stoves

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