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Energy Saving Gadgets

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review thumbnail

Suaoki has launched a 40watt solar laptop charger that gives solutions for all your travel problems like dead phone, dead car battery or no charging points while on a road trip, business trip or just a holiday. This versatile portable [...]

Lutron – Energy Saving Solutions

There are some many ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in our daily life-and we at Envirogadget always emphasize that small such steps can lead to bigger results for the whole of mankind. A systematic form of reduction [...]

Biolite Camp stove

BioLite camp stove is a camping accessory designed to cook food using twigs and small pieces of wood that you can easily gather when in outdoors. It also comes with an USB charger that generates power from the flame and [...]

Reducing our Paper Consumption

World over, people are becoming more environment conscious, and there is a greater awareness on conserving the environment, and reducing pollution.  Small changes that we can incorporate in our daily life can make a great impact on the environment. It’s [...]

Vine.com -Your one Stop Eshop for Eco-Friendly Goods

Quidsi.com today launched vine.com which is an exclusive store for Eco-friendly products. You can now shop from thousands of Eco-friendly brands across a wide range of categories in the comfort of your home. All items are backed by Vine.com’s 365-day [...]

THU400X Oil Heater Unit for Biofuel Powered Heaters

Home heaters are widely used across the world to regulate room temperature in cold climates.  Instead of using regular fuels to power heating furnaces, biofuels can be used to power a room heater. They are generally powered by blended biofuels, [...]