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Articles in the ‘Energy Saving Gadgets’ Category

Lutron – Energy Saving Solutions

By Anny on April 9th, 2013

There are some many ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in our daily life-and we at Envirogadget always emphasize that small such steps can lead to bigger results for the whole of mankind. A systematic form of reduction would not only allows us to save a whole lot of energy but would also decrease the carbon footprint involved in generation of electricity. Lutron Electronics is a Pennsylvania based company that offers a host of energy saving solutions for your home and office..

Lutron- Energy Saving Solutions

One such product is the C.L Dimmer for CFL and LED bulbs. The dimmer set the right luminance of the bulb as per the requirement and save a lot of energy by dimming the bulb when needed.  It can be used in your bedroom, living room, kitchen as well as in the basement, and is set to keep the bulb on while being dimmed and also reduces excessive Flicker. It also keeps the lights on even in case of voltage fluctuations and ensures that they turn on at all light levels. The dimmer can also be used for normal incandescent and halogen bulbs. You can access the list of bulbs the CL Dimmer supports by accessing the below link. You can also use the store locator link at the top of the page to check out for retail stores selling the CL dimmer in USA and Canada.

Another useful product amongst their range is the Occupancy sensing switch which automatically turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns them off when the room is empty. This product is very useful in this jet-packed age where we often tend to forget turning off the lights while leaving the room. I am quite sure that such a situation is very common in most of households, and all the more when there are children around. Automatically shutting-off the light would ensure that there is no loss of power. Apart from this, the Occupancy sensing switch also comes with a light detection feature which turns on the light only the surroundings are dark beyond a certain level.This can save your energy bills and can also save energy. You can check more about this product and can know more about all their energy saving solutions by accessing their site.

Biolite Camp stove

By Anny on April 7th, 2013

BioLite camp stove is a camping accessory designed to cook food using twigs and small pieces of wood that you can easily gather when in outdoors. It also comes with an USB charger that generates power from the flame and can be used to power your phones and other appliances.  The stove uses a proprietary technology that converts heat into electricity which powers a built-in fan as well as supplies power via the USB cable. The fan is designed to keep the flame high and ensures that optimum heat s generated by burning the twigs.

Biolite Camp stove

The BioLite camp stove not only suits camping needs but can also be used in case of a natural emergency or a power outage.  It does away with other forms of camp cooking equipment that need other forms of fuels-thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The stove just weighs 935 grams and is compact with a height of 8.25 inches and width of 5 inches. It gives a peak power output of 5.5 KW while on high and 3.4 KW when set to a low flame. As an estimate, you would need about 46 grams of wood to boil a liter of water in just 4.5 minutes. The stove comes witha handy stuff stack, a gas lighter and a USB cord which can be used to power a lot of devices including smartphones. You just need to collect twigs, wood pellets etc- and use them as a fuel for your stove. The stove is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic and can support a container of 8 lbs or 1 gallon of a liquid.

The Biolite camp stove is a very useful source of cooking in outdoors. It can also work as an on-demand electricity source, particularly at night in absence of regular power sources. It priced at $129 and can be purchased from their website at the below link.

Reducing our Paper Consumption

By Anny on December 23rd, 2012

World over, people are becoming more environment conscious, and there is a greater awareness on conserving the environment, and reducing pollution.  Small changes that we can incorporate in our daily life can make a great impact on the environment. It’s not about how much we have conserved, or how less have we polluted, but it’s all about the conscious effort we need to make in all our actions. Little actions can make us do our bit to the save nature, and a chain of such actions can lead to multiplied results, a greener environment, and most importantly-increase awareness.

Reducing our paper consumption

Even since the advent of computers, the old fashioned files and folders have made way to databases and emails. We are now more used to communicate through emails then by letters, we see more of news online then by reading a paper. We see more advertisements in our email folders then in handbills. A digital signature validates our online credentials just as a signature on a paper would do. We extensively use internet banking, reducing our visits to the bank. All of them are proof of the way we are slowly replacing paper as our chosen means of communication.

Lesser paper usage means lesser cutting of trees, lesser paper making plants which means less energy consumption, and lesser pollution. Also lesser cost of transportation saves fuel too. Indirectly, such initiatives by us help conserve the environment by protecting trees, help decrease energy consumption either by usage of machinery or transport and when that is done, we pollute the environment in a lesser way. So for all of you readers reading this post online-you too are doing a part in saving the environment.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have almost given up on writing letters and communicating by paper, except in situations where they are mandatory. However, this only means that we are conserving our green resources, but are also using other energy sources instead which still need a fuel to run on. We cannot also compare the usage of energy sources against conservation of nature, as they are two different entities. But the energy used in writing an email or doing a money transfer online is much lesser when compared to driving to an office and doing a paper transaction. Hence, we must in all our daily routines, whether personal or business, decrease paper consumption wherever possible, and do our part to save nature.

So… for all you email and internet aficionados—you might have saved many tress till date. However, the global demand for paper, after removing the recycled components is a staggering 400 million tons- which means about 4 billion trees being felled. The best we can do is to further reduce our paper consumption, move towards using the digital media for advertizing and communication, and lastly-plant as many trees as possible, so we have the correct ecological balance. -Your one Stop Eshop for Eco-Friendly Goods

By Anny on December 13th, 2012 today launched which is an exclusive store for Eco-friendly products. You can now shop from thousands of Eco-friendly brands across a wide range of categories in the comfort of your home. All items are backed by’s 365-day return guarantee policy. Your one stop eshop for eco-friendly goods


All of their products are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that they are either from natural organic sources, or are non-polluting, or have been through an Eco-friendly manufacturing process. This ensures that you shop with a sense of pride for having contributed in safeguarding the environment.

You can search products by name, brand, category, certifications and also by criteria such as organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, fair trade or energy efficient. A dedicated team of phone and email customer support staff would be available 24/7 to help you with your issues. You can also check the exclusive “Vine Picks” which are individually certified by their team. You also have an option to search for local retailers within a geographic range. By this you can promote local businesses and also reduce the environmental impact that shipping would have.

They have a huge selection of products which included apparel and accessories, sports and leisure goods and also gifting ranges. You can also shop for fair trade, made in USA and cruelty free listings. They also have an exclusive section for pets as well as for health and wellness.

The site offers gift certificates from $25 to $1500 which can be redeemed on merchandize through and their family of sites . Your referrals would get a flat 15% discount on their first purchase. The site offers free shipping for orders above $49 or $39 for combined purchases from their other sites. Shipping is fast, and you would get the product within 2 business days.

THU400X Oil Heater Unit for Biofuel Powered Heaters

By Anny on November 27th, 2012

Home heaters are widely used across the world to regulate room temperature in cold climates.  Instead of using regular fuels to power heating furnaces, biofuels can be used to power a room heater. They are generally powered by blended biofuels, which are synthesized from natural oils, thereby decreasing our dependence on traditional fossil fuels.  These biofuels do not contribute much to greenhouse effect, as the carbon dioxide they emit is again utilized by plants, and are also cost-effective. Also when compared to oil based furnaces, they are less polluting, as they emit less soot and lower amount of toxic gases.

The main disadvantage of using biofuels for furnace heating is that they tend to gel at colder temperatures, which makes the fuel in the heater less combustible as it does not easily move in the unit. Ideally, the fuel must be above the 36-50˚F range to prevent it from gelling. One such solution is using of chemical additives, which tend to lower the rate of gelling. However, they also tend to decrease the energy output, and also emit pollutants while being burned. Instead, you can opt for an external oil heating mechanism, which would regulate the biofuel temperature, and would preheat it in colder weather conditions. An example is the THU400Xoil heater unit, which integrates with your existing furnace, and maintains the temperature of the oil tank to a preset 40˚F.  This would increase the efficiency and usability of your existing heater, and also would omit the need for using chemical additives which reduce your heater efficiency and cause pollution.

THU400X oil heater unit for Biofuel powered heaters

The unit has a built-in immersion fuel sensor which checks the temperature of the oil tank. If the temperature decreases below 40˚ F, the sensor automatically activates the electric heater (400W), which raises the oil temperature in the tank to the required level. The unit is designed to regulate the temperature against going below or above the preset 40˚ F, and the built-in heater would get activated/deactivated as required. The unit requires an electric power source and weighs 8.5 lbs. It measures 6’’ in diameter and 14’’ in height, and can be used between 30-85`F. It can be safely installed to integrate with your existing heating furnace, and you can start saving by using cheaper biofuel alternatives.
You can purchase the kit from the below link. it works and specifications – THU400X

Five Eco-friendly gadgets to save the earth

By Anny on July 11th, 2012

Are you more conscious about environment and want to save more energy and stop the emission of hazardous gases? If yes; here are the top five eco-friendly gadgets to save more with entertainment you can achieve with them.

        1.      Power-Light TV

Power-Light TV

Enter Philips’s Eco TV. This 1080p, 42-inch beaut incorporates several energy-savings measures, including a dimming mechanism designed to lower the panel’s backlight depending on what’s being shown on screen, and a sensor that measures the room’s ambient light and automatically adjusts the backlight accordingly. Adding to the Eco TV’s green cred is its use of lead-free materials, plus recycled packaging and manuals. Available in March, the Eco TV will set you back about $1399. (more…)

Handstand rotating iPad 2 Case made from recycled plastics

By Anny on June 29th, 2012

energy saving gadgets

Apple iPad 2 has tae the marketplace as storm and got worldwide popularity. Embedded with latest tools and technologies and use of iPad, its new version, iPad 2 has experienced the highest sales volume. But it has become essential for all the iPad users to purchase a case to protect the device, and here today we are going to review the new Handstand rotating iPad 2 Case (given beside in the picture) (more…)

Samsung’s Blue Earth solar phone is ultra-green

By Anny on May 19th, 2012

Samsung's Blue Earth solar ph

New Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just a bunch of solar panels; this phone is made of recycled plastic along with featuring a pedometer and embedded software to tell about your efforts for saving this planet.  In a fast race by top entertainment and technology gadgets manufacturers, corporate social responsibility concerns that they must follow the processes and steps which are according to Go Green environment approach. (more…)

Go Green with Renewable energy

By Anny on May 5th, 2012

Renewable energy

A huge scale depletion of natural resources is definitely a great problem for thinkers. We are living on a planet where resources awarded to us are on the limited scales, although we have been using them for millions of years, still they have not ended but will end one day. Similarly like water, food and other resources required for the survival of human beings, energy is not a renewable resource if we continue to use animal fossils. In many conferences around the world relating to ‘energy death’ and selection of renewable energy resources for our survival is one of the top discussed topics around the globe. (more…)

Energy Saving Ideas for Home

By Dev on September 23rd, 2011

Energy Saving Ideas for Home


Power bills are increasing all over the place and every time they increase we cringe at the bill. Some months especially during cold winter months our power bills can go up in the hundreds of dollars. This is why energy saving ideas for home are very important.  Many people find themselves wanting to conserve energy and become a greener person in the environment.