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Maplin Electricity Monitoring Meter

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 27th, 2009

Energy Saving Meter

The Maplin Electricity Monitoring Meter is an easy to use energy consumption meter that will allow you to measure just how much energy you’re consuming at any given time. You can also keep track of how much energy you’ve been using in the past, as well as an overall average of your consumption.

So that you can moan at your family see how much your energy consumption is costing you, the meter gives you an estimated cost given your current rate of energy use. The energy cost can be displayed in euros, dollars or pounds sterling.

The meter is designed to be really easy to use, as you just clamp the sensor around one of your mains cables, switch the meter on, and you’re done! The meter can store up to 2 years of energy usage too. Unfortunately, the meter cannot be connected to your computer, but its great if you have no interest in adding a PC to the mix.

The energy monitoring meter is available for £39.99, and additional sensors are available for £9.99 each.

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