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Tweeting your Power Usage with Tweet-a-Watt

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 7th, 2009

Tweeting your Power Usage with Tweet-a-Watt

With twitter taking off (*ahem*, EnviroGadget is now on Twitter), some bright spark has designed a unit that publishes the power consumption of one of your power outlets to Twitter using a modified Kill-A-Watt meter.

Once you’ve purchased a $25 Kill-A-Watt meter, you can purchase another $90 worth of parts to give you a complete kit to make your own Tweet-a-Watt. You can also buy additional kits for $40 each so that you can monitor multiple power outlets and coordinate them using a single tweet.

What’s the point? Well, it’s a great way to monitor what the power consumption of your gadgets are whilst you’re not at home. You can use it as part of your smart automated home to ensure your power usage is as low as possible too!

Source: AdaFruit

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