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Eco Gifts

Eco Friendly Gifts

  The holidays are fast approaching and as they get closer we may wonder on what we are going to get friends and loved ones for the holidays. We should consider getting them eco friendly gifts this year. Giving these [...]

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

  The holidays are right around the corner. In just a few months shopping for the holidays will become very popular once again. Some people may already be shopping for the holidays. If you want to jump start your holiday [...]

Eco Friendly Christmas Trees

  With Christmas quickly approaching many people have begun thinking about where they are going to get their Christmas tree from this year. If you are environmentally conscious there are several things that you should consider before purchasing a tree. [...]

Eco Friendly Flowers

  Eco friendly flowers are the way to go if you want to have flowers that possess no harm to the environment. Going green is becoming more and more popular due to problems with our environment including the hole in [...]

Eco Curtains

  If you turn on any channel that is discussing the environment or home improvement, chances are that you will hear the term green at least once. The term green means going cleaner for the environment. Each day thousands of [...]

Top 10 Eco Gadgets for 2009

Having tracked the popularity of eco gadgets reviewed on EnviroGadget this year, I have created a compilation of the top green gadgets available to buy. The ranking is based on the number of clicks and views of each review on [...]