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Articles in the ‘Eco home gadgets’ Category

Lutron – Energy Saving Solutions

By Anny on April 9th, 2013

There are some many ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in our daily life-and we at Envirogadget always emphasize that small such steps can lead to bigger results for the whole of mankind. A systematic form of reduction would not only allows us to save a whole lot of energy but would also decrease the carbon footprint involved in generation of electricity. Lutron Electronics is a Pennsylvania based company that offers a host of energy saving solutions for your home and office..

Lutron- Energy Saving Solutions

One such product is the C.L Dimmer for CFL and LED bulbs. The dimmer set the right luminance of the bulb as per the requirement and save a lot of energy by dimming the bulb when needed.  It can be used in your bedroom, living room, kitchen as well as in the basement, and is set to keep the bulb on while being dimmed and also reduces excessive Flicker. It also keeps the lights on even in case of voltage fluctuations and ensures that they turn on at all light levels. The dimmer can also be used for normal incandescent and halogen bulbs. You can access the list of bulbs the CL Dimmer supports by accessing the below link. You can also use the store locator link at the top of the page to check out for retail stores selling the CL dimmer in USA and Canada.

Another useful product amongst their range is the Occupancy sensing switch which automatically turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns them off when the room is empty. This product is very useful in this jet-packed age where we often tend to forget turning off the lights while leaving the room. I am quite sure that such a situation is very common in most of households, and all the more when there are children around. Automatically shutting-off the light would ensure that there is no loss of power. Apart from this, the Occupancy sensing switch also comes with a light detection feature which turns on the light only the surroundings are dark beyond a certain level.This can save your energy bills and can also save energy. You can check more about this product and can know more about all their energy saving solutions by accessing their site.

Handcrafted Kitchen – ware from Leis

By Anny on March 26th, 2013

The practice of using wooden utensils and kitchen-ware dates back to the early ages when wood was used in a number of ways. This tradition continued through the ages with each country having its own distinct way of woodcraft. Ceramics, glass, metals, and plastics have graduallydisplaced wood amongst the choice of materials for normal kitchen needs. However an ancient wood crating technique from Europe (SuharRoba) is now being bought into prominence by Leis Inc which is a Slovenian based company manufacturing kitchen utensils from a locally sourced wood called leech. Leis aims at reviving this age old craft and bring it back to prominence in this modern age with their excusive range of  dining accessories which include a spatula, fork and a spoon which are individually handcrafted using leech wood. They come in a slightly curved shape for easy movement and also have an embedded magnet so that you can rest them on a metallic surface.This can be a unique and perfect gift for these coming holidays.

Handcrafted Kitchen - ware from Leis

They are a perfect way to show your solidarity with the environment and can be used both for routine use as well as for banquets etc. You could also choose to gift them to your near and dear for this holiday season.

The 3 piecekitchen set costs €49 while a 15 piece set of Christmas ornament hooks costs €29. You can also purchase both of them for €69-packed in an attractive gift wrap.

SuhaRoba is an age-long craft of making wooden goods for domestic and kitchen uses.The craft was practiced in the Ribnica plain in Slovenia and was widely popular in the 15 century with goods being exported to Austria, Hungary as well as far off Africa and India.

You can purchase them online from the below site.

SimBioUsa-Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

By Anny on March 18th, 2013

Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware has an amazing range of disposable plates, boxes and garbage bags made from bagasse, sugarcane and wheatstraw fibers. Not only are they a perfect alternative to Styrofoam, plastic and paper plates  but are also bio-degradable and durable too. Their range of tableware is made from used sugarcane fiber called as bagasse which is left out after the juice is extracted from sugarcane. Wheatstraw is the plant material which is left after the chaff and wheat have been extracted. These material usually end in landfills or are disposed of by burning which causes air and soil pollution. Using them for creating sustainable tableware is an effective way to use all of our available natural resources in an optimum manner.  These little known materials are not only safe, bio-degradable but also strong and can be easily compressed and molded into plates. They are a perfect alternative to plastic, styrofoam and paper plates and come in a range of sizes and dimensions. You can find square, rectangular and circular plates within these dimensions

They also have a range of Clamshells which can be used as containers for your kitchen items and consumables

Do also check a pizza box made from recycled cardboard which is 100% recyclable and also a range of eco-friendly garbage bags. You can also find cutlery, kitchen utilities, straws etc.

The products are deemed to be safe as per FDA standards for food items as they do not have any harmful allergens-Gluten and Gliadins at 5ppm, whereas the current FDA standard is 20 ppm.

SimBioUsa-Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

Bagasse plates are available in 6`,7 `and 9 ` dimensions and are pure white in color and resemble normal Styrofoam plates. Wheatstraw plates are brown in color and come in the same dimension. Both can be used in your  microwave and freezer and are soak proof. They do not use an external  shiny wax coating which does away with any harmful chemicals that are sometimes used to add color and textures to paper, styrofoam plates and cups, and  can also handle hot liquids till 220°F.

After using them, you can dispose them in commercial compost facilities against normal home composting.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

By Anny on March 16th, 2013

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant


Refrigerators are one of the most commonly used household appliances and since theiradvent, they have changed the very meaning of normal food preservation. Not only do they provide a perfect temperature for preventing your food from getting spoilt, but they also help you organize and store your food products. Many of us are familiar with a normal course in the lifecycle of most refrigerators where we would need to change the refrigerant at some point of time.The commonly used gas inside the refrigerator is Freon (R-12 or R-22) or  R-134a (Tetrafluoroethane), with the former being widely used. Freon consists of elemental chlorine as one of its constituent, which has been found as one of the major reasons for the depletion of ozone layer-which is a protective blanket in the atmosphere protecting us from the harmful radiation of the sun. At high altitudeschlorine displaces an oxygen atom in the ozone molecule, and caused a decrease in the net content of ozone. Lesser ozone means lesser protection from radiation emitted  by the sun, which causes a host of environmental and health issues.

During the past couple of years, there has been an ongoing research to find an effective substitute for Freon, with R-410A- a Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) compound that does not contain chlorine being widely used nowadays. `The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working to stop all new refrigerant sets from containing Freon, and has been working for a total ban on such materials in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

This new change in introducing an alternate refrigerant which not only powers the actual refrigeration cycle in your refrigerator, but also is used in air-conditioners and dehumidifiers does not cause any adverse effected to the ozone layer. Also, it has been reported in some studies that the new chemical makes your appliance last much longer byincreasing the cooling capacity and thereby reducing the load on the system. In the long run, this decreases the net power your refrigerator  consumes and also decreases the net carbonfootprint generated by frequent  repairs and replacements.

So, beforeyou choose to purchase any of the above mentioned appliances, do check for the refrigerant they areusing. Also, consider replacing your old appliances with the newer versions using R-410 A, as they are slowly being phased out. As we always reiterate in, small steps we individually take can collectively make a huge difference  to a cleaner, safe and greener planet.

THU400X Oil Heater Unit for Biofuel Powered Heaters

By Anny on November 27th, 2012

Home heaters are widely used across the world to regulate room temperature in cold climates.  Instead of using regular fuels to power heating furnaces, biofuels can be used to power a room heater. They are generally powered by blended biofuels, which are synthesized from natural oils, thereby decreasing our dependence on traditional fossil fuels.  These biofuels do not contribute much to greenhouse effect, as the carbon dioxide they emit is again utilized by plants, and are also cost-effective. Also when compared to oil based furnaces, they are less polluting, as they emit less soot and lower amount of toxic gases.

The main disadvantage of using biofuels for furnace heating is that they tend to gel at colder temperatures, which makes the fuel in the heater less combustible as it does not easily move in the unit. Ideally, the fuel must be above the 36-50˚F range to prevent it from gelling. One such solution is using of chemical additives, which tend to lower the rate of gelling. However, they also tend to decrease the energy output, and also emit pollutants while being burned. Instead, you can opt for an external oil heating mechanism, which would regulate the biofuel temperature, and would preheat it in colder weather conditions. An example is the THU400Xoil heater unit, which integrates with your existing furnace, and maintains the temperature of the oil tank to a preset 40˚F.  This would increase the efficiency and usability of your existing heater, and also would omit the need for using chemical additives which reduce your heater efficiency and cause pollution.

THU400X oil heater unit for Biofuel powered heaters

The unit has a built-in immersion fuel sensor which checks the temperature of the oil tank. If the temperature decreases below 40˚ F, the sensor automatically activates the electric heater (400W), which raises the oil temperature in the tank to the required level. The unit is designed to regulate the temperature against going below or above the preset 40˚ F, and the built-in heater would get activated/deactivated as required. The unit requires an electric power source and weighs 8.5 lbs. It measures 6’’ in diameter and 14’’ in height, and can be used between 30-85`F. It can be safely installed to integrate with your existing heating furnace, and you can start saving by using cheaper biofuel alternatives.
You can purchase the kit from the below link. it works and specifications – THU400X

Eco Star LCD 24L510

By Anny on June 7th, 2012


Eco Star LCD 24L510

Users have experienced new technology with LCD television sets and desktop computers, which have high quality graphics and embedded with many new features. As compared to LED screen which were launched before and had low color schemes, LCD screen have much more to experience along with their new features.

It has full HD 1080 P, USB, and Nature view, Reflecto Con, HDMI, Motion Engine and Image Refinery. Eco Stars are the best television sets due to their high durability and quality. Eco stars television sets come up with many exciting features and it will give you all you desire to watch. (more…)

Review about eco-friendly torches and Lanterns

By Anny on May 26th, 2012

eco-friendly torch

Over the last two decades, technology advancement has in the favor of human beings because corporate social responsibilities are forcing all the business organizations to contribute to development and improvement of environmental beauty which has been destroyed by pollution emitting from manufacturing plants of factories. (more…)

How Eco green bags benefit the environment

By Anny on May 24th, 2012

Green bags

Eco green bags have several benefits on our environment. One of the basic advantages which we can get from use of green bags is reduction in wastes produced. Plastic bags are disposable bags and take enormous amount of space to fill or dispose them. But there is no way  to make the environment clean when plastic bags used are not disposed properly, and another proper solution is to switch to reusable types of bags that will not sit in landfills. (more…)

Introducing the Green Shopping Bags

By Anny on May 19th, 2012

Shopping Bags

Although the use of plastic bags has solved our most of shopping stuff to handle, there is great issue concerned with use of plastic shopping bags. However to stop the increasing pollution level and searching for some best energy and environment saving alternatives, jute bags are getting popularity to replace the bags which are unable to be used again However, a reusable green shopping bag is made from a thick rubber, woven synthetic fiber or canvas, which makes this bag more durable as compared to disposable shopping bags. (more…)

New Eco Kettle boasts three temperature settings

By Anny on May 18th, 2012

Eco Kettle

Eco kettle has currently launched the new Eco 3 kettle, in which temperature selector will enable you to heat water or tea at 70,80… 100 degrees bases on how much energy you want to save. As compared to traditional kettles which we use in our homes for making tea or coffee, water etc. new eco kettle is super energy saving environmental saving gadget.

When you are living in much cool place where there is no supply of gas or wood for burning, you will probably need a kettle in advanced environment to charge with electricity and mix the things in no time. (more…)