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Eco home gadgets

Lutron – Energy Saving Solutions

There are some many ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in our daily life-and we at Envirogadget always emphasize that small such steps can lead to bigger results for the whole of mankind. A systematic form of reduction [...]

Handcrafted Kitchen – ware from Leis

The practice of using wooden utensils and kitchen-ware dates back to the early ages when wood was used in a number of ways. This tradition continued through the ages with each country having its own distinct way of woodcraft. Ceramics, [...]

SimBioUsa-Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

Simbiousa.com has an amazing range of disposable plates, boxes and garbage bags made from bagasse, sugarcane and wheatstraw fibers. Not only are they a perfect alternative to Styrofoam, plastic and paper plates  but are also bio-degradable and durable too. Their [...]

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

  Refrigerators are one of the most commonly used household appliances and since theiradvent, they have changed the very meaning of normal food preservation. Not only do they provide a perfect temperature for preventing your food from getting spoilt, but [...]

THU400X Oil Heater Unit for Biofuel Powered Heaters

Home heaters are widely used across the world to regulate room temperature in cold climates.  Instead of using regular fuels to power heating furnaces, biofuels can be used to power a room heater. They are generally powered by blended biofuels, [...]

Samsung Ecobubble Washing Solution Review

The modern women loves the technology, such technology which should solve their all the tasks in just one button.Samsung’s Eco Bubble washing machine is one of those smart solutions that address the demands of professional women and stay-at-home mothers, making [...]