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Go Green reviews

Environmental Effects of Servers and Data Centers

Although a major progress has been seen in Information technology and today it’s the leading source of world. It has changed all the work processes and development flow of IT applications. Information technology itself is not at much green as [...]

What is Green Transportation and why it is important

Green transportation  Green transportation or sustainable transport refers to any form of transport which is following the rules of Going Green. It also includes the non-motorized transport  like  green vehicles, CarSharing, transit oriented development, walking and urban transport system like [...]

The Green Schools effects

An exploration of the influence of Place, Space and environmental on teaching and learning the green school effects in Asia, Africa and Australian countries and guide about green school positive effects from example of Indonesian greens schools. Green School is [...]

Germany Sets New Solar Record by Meeting Nearly Half of Country’s Weekend Power Demand

Germany fed a whopping 22 gigawatts of solar power per hour into the national grid last weekend, setting a new record by meeting nearly half of the country’s weekend power demand. After the Fukushima disaster, Japan opted to shut down [...]

New Zealand Church Made form Cardboard

Due to damage of Christchurch Cathedral from 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which struck the Canterbury region of New Zealand in February, efforts have been made to construct a church from cardboard. This new cardboard church structure has been made by Tokyo-based [...]

New Green Online games for the environment

Some of the online gaming developers have realized the impacts of green environment and brought forward such online and offline downloadable games which teach the gamers about keeping their environment green and elimination of pollutant tools. Go green games have [...]