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Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock

Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock

This Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock allows you to keep track of time without needing to keep track of batteries. Powered by water, the alarm clock only requires additional water roughly ever month to keep it working.

The Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock uses water to create electrical energy. It achieves this through an electrochemical reaction between the water and the devices electrodes. The electrical energy generated is used to power the digital clock display, allowing you to clearly see the time from a glance. The clock features date settings, time settings, hour notification through a beep and an alarm setting.

It should be noted that both the hourly alert beep and the alarm beep are not powerful sounds, they are notifications that it has reached the hour or time of alarm. Some may find the alarm insufficient to awaken them if used as a morning wake up alarm, though it can still be used as an alarm throughout the day for other purposes, such as cooking. The alarm clock measures 11.5 cm x 14 cm x 6.5 cm (4.53 in x 5.51 in x 2.56 in).

By using water as a power source the clock is freed from the need for a constant supply of batteries. Unlike solar powered clocks there is no need to consider the clocks position and it is simple and quick to top up the water level should the clock have run out of power. The only forethought required to keep the clock operational is the addition of water which needs to be done roughly every month.

The Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock makes a great gift for just £7.50.

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