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Clocks and Watches

Gorgeous WEwood watches made of Salvaged wood on Sale in Egypt

WEwood watches are the brainchild of an Italian shoemaker who has interest to design new styles of watches, along with two other entrepreneurs who agreed with him to restore the earth we devoured in just 250 years, and they all [...]

Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco Drive Continual Calendar Chronograph Watch

The Eco-Drive Continual calendar Chronograph watch has an amazing timepiece and good looking shape for those, who always have desire for a watch that must be charming with its shape as well as basic working features. This solar –based watch [...]

AXbo alarm clock wakes you at your optimal time

It’s only due to blessings of sophisticated technology that human life has been turned completely with use of latest gadgets around us. Just like human beings have been transformed from a traditional forming role to the era of today science [...]

WeWood Chrono Watch

The WeWood Chrono Watch is formed from offcuts of wood that often go to waste. The watchmakers use as much wood as possible to create a unique looking, stylish watch. The WeWood Chrono Watch has been created to make use [...]

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch – BL5250-02L

The is a beautiful timepiece for those who want a watch that is both excellent in looks and in its abilities. The watch uses solar energy to charge its internal batteries, ensuring you always have a working watch whenever you [...]

Midland ER102 – Emergency AM/FM Weather Crank Radio

The is a handy multipurpose device which provides you with tools useful for both everyday use and for emergencies. The radio is powered through a wind up/crank handle, allowing you to provide the power whenever it is required ensuring that [...]