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Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio

Wind 'N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio

The Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio is a great multipurpose device that has tools which it ideal for every day use and for use in emergency situations. The device uses a dynamo as a power source, you use the wind up/crank handle to provide the energy that will be converted into electricity.

The Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio is a useful tool for those who travel or enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or caravaning. The device can act as an alarm clock, a FM/AM radio, a 3 LED flashlight, a USB charging station for portable electronics, and even has a high decibel siren! This allows it to be of great use in emergency situations, where attracting attention is paramount, while not taking up any extra space as it provides you with everyday useful abilities.

The Time Minder can be use even to those staying in hotels, allowing them a familiar alarm to operate and wake up to, while being a useful tool in the car in case of an emergency. Though the device is meant to be powered through its eco-friendly wind up/crank handle, it can be fully charged through its USB when ever this is required. As the device can charge other portable electronics through its USB, it can be a handy and eco-friendly way of provide extra charge to your most needed electronics while you are out and about, without having to rely on it being sunny!

The Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio is a useful device for anyone to have around due to its many different functions. As the device is powered through a wind up/crank handle it is always ready for use when needed, freeing you from any worries over leaving it to charge or providing batteries for it.

The Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio is just $19.04 and qualifies for free shipping if you spend over $25.

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  • Environment911 May 4, 2011, 11:09 pm

    Only $20? That seems pretty good to me considering the separate costs of other gadgets fulfilling those same functions. A truly brilliant eco-friendly product! I would have never thought these existed!