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Envirogadget Team | Jan 07, 2021

                                                                     Go Green

In fairy tales, you may find that prince and princess are sitting beside a water lake in green gross, there are thick clouds on the sky, few birds are flying there and the environment is really fascinating to enjoy the story and bring you in such beautiful scenes which are hard to watch in our real life. But it doesn’t mean the world is lacking in beauty because it has been gifted especially with natural scenes which one will really admire.

Why go Green?

There is no doubt that going green and adopting the lifestyle in which your environment should be clean and looking fresh is hard to oppose by any other creature on the earth. This is not only with human beings but also a habit of animals that they love cleanliness and greenery.

Going green and adopting this lifestyle was once thought of as a habit of hippies or tree huggers, now it has become essential for the survival of human beings. In last few years, all the business or corporate sectors, as well as communities and political parties, have struggled to work for green environment and saving the world form hazards which will completely spoil the lives of living creature on the world. But before discussing why we need a lifestyle that is really going green and the adoption of such green approaches, it is important to ask, why we need to go eco-friendly products and adopt the go green approach? Actually many decades ago, the world was not so less green as compared to its present condition. There were many things which were not causing pollution and becoming hazardous for this universe, but now due to different gases omitting from factories and production plants, use of plastic bags, scents which are spoiling the Ozone layer and breaking the protection layer.

A major reason for this is our population which is skyrocketing. The population of the world will double in the next five decades and present resources on the earth will shorten to their minimum level. People will be really a great difficulty to utilize the number of resources which our ancestors did enjoy. There will be a high volume of pollution and the presence of killing gases in the atmosphere in future days. The wildlife is directly effecting by such circumstances and water resources are going to a minimum level. We know well that these natural resources are finite and will end one day. Human beings in decades ago didn’t have more requirements for their living like this generation and future generations’ requirements.

The only option to feed human beings is to go green, grow, and fulfill the present food requirements. Present food requirements show that it will not only Africa or Asia being directly affected from lack of food there, but all the five major continents will be affected from food shortage and highly required to grow more and become the agriculturist mind.

There is no doubt that eco-friendly living is going to change the world like a storm, although once it was thought of as an idea that will need a thousand years to implement and enjoy. Things are easier and looking simple to adopt or implement. Our requirements or needs are clearly visible to us, as well as techniques which we need to go green. Going green will not only protect our planet from any further disaster of natural resources and their minimizing but also our next generations will feel the pride to live without being a worry about the pollution.

How we can start for Go Green?

To clearly understand the importance of go green and eco-friendly living, it will be our first priority to look at our current problems being facing. Our pollution which is increasing by minutes will reach 9 billion by 205, according to the United States Census for population studies. The earth will put under more and more pressure as our population will increase to survive our generations. It is just like getting something more output from a machine than its average or maximum productivity; we will need to lubricate such a machine, adding more tools for its productivity enhancement, its maintenance, and many things more. But here the case is much complex because our planet does not have an unlimited level of resources to supply to this generation as well as future generations.

These resources cannot be renewed for us to utilize them again. So it is important to take corrective actions and use the approaches with the help of which we can save our present resources which are left behind, with their efficient management to use as well as supplying the optimum amount of food and shelter to this generation. If you are ready to start a campaign to go green, then really you have made a great decision and will benefit from our guide. Here in this part of the series Go Green, you will get step-by-step learning about how to go green and six steps approach in the next lesson to adopt the total greenhouse approach.

                                                                                    Go Green Guide

This will also help you to go green at work and even on your vacations because you have to survive or you have to kill the living creature with your efforts. You should clean all the garbage from your home and clean the home first. Setting your priority from the home, you can move to your garden and then your streets and the whole area in the town with other fellows. There are many reasons why should you go green. It will improve your health and keep you fresh and never depressed due to any hurdle or obstacle in your life. It is also important to eat food that is healthier and free from cholesterol or any other fats. Clean air is helpful to breathe easily. Going for morning exercise as well as evening walk is much beneficial for our environment and to get the fresh breath. Go green also needs that you should protect yourself from using any household chemicals or dangerous health items. Go green approach is also effective to provide resistance against illness and diseases. Now we will take a look at how to go through six steps to go green eco-friendly environment.

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