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Doing ten things to slow down carbon emissions

slow down carbon emissions

Carbon emission is of the major reason for increasing pollution and dangerous for all the species, including both wildlife and marine life. However, if we adopt proper steps for eliminating or slowing down the carbon emission, we can contribute our part for wildlife preservation. Here are dozens of the things which we can do and how much carbon dioxide we can eliminate from our environment.

  1. Change a light

If you replace a regular light with fluorescent light bulbs, you can save up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide which will be emitted in the air and dangerous for all the living beings.

2.  Drive Less

It is clear that major rush in cities is only due to abundance of traffic there. But if you prefer bike, walk or carpool or use of mass transit, for every mile walked or drove, you will save more pound of carbon dioxide. A major cut down in pollution can be made if we prefer to drive less by cars.

3.  Check your tires

If your car tires are properly inflated, you can save more than 3 percent of gas mileage and each gasoline gallon can save 20 pounds of carbon emitted due to high petrol usage.

4.   Use less hot water

When you heat the water, it takes more energy for steaming, but you can decrease the use of less hot water by installation of  low flow shower heads. In this way you can save up to 350 pounds every year. Also if you prefer to wash clothes in cold water instead of steaming the water, you can save more 500 pounds of carbon dioxide which will be otherwise emitted in our atmosphere.

5.  Recycle more

Carbon dioxide can be saved up to 2400 pounds if you properly recycle the wastes of your home.

6. Avoid more packing for products

Packing garbage, if minimized can save up to 1200 pound of carbon dioxide every year.

7. Adjustment of thermostat

Just moving your thermostat only two degree down in winter can save you 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide wastes produced. This simple adjustment will be helpful to save our environment due to geezers and water heaters used.

carbon emissions

     8. Plant a tree

Planting the tree will contribute to save our atmosphere from carbon and will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

9. Turn off electric devices

Turn of DVD, TV, computer and other electronic devices, and in this way you can save thousands pound of carbon dioxide.

10. Try Meatless Mondays

If you skip taking milk one day every week, it will save 35,000 gallons of water and cutting it from diet will save 5000 lbs of carbon dioxide every year.

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