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How to keep environment clean from Toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals

We know certain that how we can turn the things away from our lives if they have any side effects, prove to be dangerous or hazardous to lives of human beings or any other living beings on the earth. It opens our eyes to everything around us and our head out of hole when it comes to remove toxic chemicals. For some people, it may look abruptly when they experience some health problem or have adopted a pet.

Whether you believe it or not, we are living in a life of fully saturated chemicals. Every lawn in your garden has a warning sign stuck with it and they are rolling eyes at your neat trimmed vegetables grown. There is highly possibility of arsenic to be found in your rice. There would be rocket fuel present in water. The flame retardants can be found in furniture making toxic dust and your carpet is off gassing chemicals in to open air in home. If you spread a mail to your friends and relatives for how to get rid of this entire overwhelming situation, you may not get the all positive results you need. Few of the tips are here given about how to keep your environment green and clean it from toxic chemicals influence in your home;

Eco friendly Cleaning

  1. Lose the Shoes: any greener will suggest you not to wear shoes in your home. This is a big step toward right direction of green environment because you track in all kinds of fertilizers, pesticides along bacteria an e coli. Better way is to purchase 2 wicker baskets and put them at your door where everyone enters will dump their shoes, although most of us will be little stubborn about it.
  2. Clean your air: the air inside your home will be more toxic than air which is outside of your home. There are many facts to prove this. Due to gassing carpets, flame retardants foam furniture and material of building or paints, there are many other such toxic elements which have adverse effects on air inside your home. Here are some of the suggestion for how to keep your home air clean;
    1. Use HEPA filters on your vacuum
    2. Open the windows to get fresh air inside your rooms
    3. Along with HEPA filters, also use some air purifiers
    4. Use plants like spider plants, Bamboo, Ferns and Bamboo palms, because they are good to filter impurities from air
    5. Quit smoking for heaven sake if you can
    6. Run all the ventilation systems in your home.

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