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DIY Eco-Friendly Phone Charger Dock

DIY Eco-Friendly Phone Charger Complete

If you love a little DIY gadgetry, then take a look at this simple Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone Charger gadget. You put your mobile phone inside and connect it to the phone charger to charge it up. To electrically switch off the charger (so that it doesn’t use any energy), you simply close the lid!

DIY Eco-Friendly Phone Charger

The box works very much like a fridge with an inside light. When the fridge door is open, the light is on. When the door is closed, the light switches off thanks to a lever switch. A lever switch is a switch activated or deactivated by a vertical movement.

The GreenBox encloses a standard mains charger for a mobile phone, which is connected in series with the switch and a mains extension lead. This means when the box is closed, its the equivalent to switched off the charger at the mains. This means you’re not wasting any energy whatsoever.

The GreenBox is the work of Ricci Bitti. I think that the greenbox is an excellent example of a simple way to save energy. Just be warned though, there are plenty of metal parts that expose mains voltage in the design, so only consider making it yourself if you know exactly what you’re doing.

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