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Eco Charger with Apple Compatible Adapter for Cell Phone By Volt-Star

Volt-Star EcoCharger - EPC-1000-7 Eco Charger with Apple Compatible Adapter for Cell Phone

The EcoCharger  EPC-1000-7 allows you to charge your cell phone without any worries about unplugging the charger once the battery is fully charged. This charger  not only prevents the phone from being able to draw any additional charge but also helps to save electricity by working efficiently when charging.

The EcoCharger by Volt-Star has been designed to combat the problem of cell phones draining power long after their battery is fully charged. This drainage is not only a waste of electricity but can also cause the battery to have a shorter life. The charger allows you to fully charge your device then it automatically disconnects the charger from the AC outlet once it senses that the phone has been fully charged. To use the charger you only need to push a button located near the connector and have your phone plugged in.

When the EcoCharger is charging your phone a LED status light turns on, this light turns off once your cell phone has been charged. The charger has been designed to additionally save on electricity usage while it is charging your device. This is due to its high efficiency Energy Star II compliant design, which allows it to use the energy more efficiently than some other chargers. The EcoCharger can help you reduce the amount of electricity used by a charger, helping your cell phone to be charged in an efficient manner and prevent any concerns about unplugging the charger.

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