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Ecotek Energy Wizard – Simple Energy Saving Gadget

Energy Wizard

The Energy Wizard is a device that plugs into a standard UK 3 pin plug socket to help reduce the amount of electricity being used. By implementing techniques of filtration and correction to your electrical supply, the device helps to improve your household appliances efficiency.

The Energy Wizard made by Eco Tek works by optimising the voltage and current demands. All electricity we use comes in the form of both alternating current (AC) and voltage. Alternating current behaves as its name dictates, it alternates, fluctuating rapidly between high and low amounts many times in a second. For electricity to be used efficiently the rises and falls of both the current and the voltage should coincide, as they drift apart in timing the supply becomes less efficient, causing appliances to require more electricity than they would if the peaks and valleys were together.

Some household appliances actually contribute to the current and voltage peaks and valleys losing synchronisation. The Energy Wizard helps to manipulate the supply to get both current and voltage peeks and falls to happen in unison. This leads to more efficient electrical usage for a household, which will help to lower the amount of electricity being consumed and so reduce electricity bills. To work, the Energy Wizard needs to be plugged into a plug socket and left there. While it is in a plug socket and working, a LED indication light will be on. As most households have at least one socket that is never used, it should be fairly simple to place the device somewhere it can be left plugged in.

As the change in the current and voltage is down to the influence of appliances, and the interference they cause differs appliance to appliance, the saving a household can make by using a Energy Wizard can differ greatly. Though this device can sound a little like ‘snake oil’, the product has been tested to show its effectiveness. During independent testing on the device savings of up to 23% were made on some appliances, and the average saving was found to be around 12.5% on the total consumption of appliances tested. The Energy Wizard is guaranteed to reduce your electrical usage by up to 10%.

The Eco Tek Energy Wizard is currently £23.50 plus £5.35 delivery.

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  • Pete Dewar July 6, 2010, 4:13 pm

    The ballast device in a standard fluorescent tube fitting (not an “Eco bulb”) is an inductor. This acts as an impedance to limit the current through the tube. A resistor could do this just as effectively (and be about 1/50th the cost) but it would consume considerable energy and run quite hot. Not so the inductor.
    The difference between these two current limiters is that, in the inductor, the current through it is “Out of phase” with the voltage and so the power (volts x amps) is negligible.
    Manufacturers must include a capacitor across the circuit in order to reduce this “Phase difference” – ostensibly to reduce the out-of phase currents in the power company’s cables but in reality to be able to charge money for the supply of your light. Without the capacitor, fluorescent tubes supply light virtually FREE. Your meter will not register out-of-phase power. So if this device “Pulls” your current back into phase with the supply voltage, as its blurb purports, then IT CAN ONLY INCREASE your meter reading!

  • Michael Bland July 31, 2010, 3:14 pm

    The previous comment by Pete Dewar is incorrect. Using the example of a fluorescent tube ballast, the tube needs to use real power to work so there will always be a component of the current that is in phase with the voltage. A predominantly inductive load will draw a large amount of reactive power which will cause heating and inefficiency in the supply cables. However, this reactive power does not transfer any energy to the load (tube). A load with a large component of reactive (out of phase) power is bad for both the user and the power company. The idea that you can get free power by having a poor power factor is incorrect.

    Modern meters measure the reactive power and charge you for that too. This will be where the Energy Wizard could help. It could improve the power factor your home draws from the supply (i.e. reduce the useless reactive component). This has the potential to improve the efficiency of the supply grid. I am only stating the potential here as I have not tested one so cannot vouch for it’s effectiveness.

    Dr Michael Bland (power electronics consultant)