Energy Efficiency Audit

Dev | Jan 07, 2021

                                                                     Energy Efficiency Audit

Everyone in the world would like to go greener for the safety of the environment; however, many think that it will be too expensive or may not work as well. Knowing what products to get and how much energy you would save is key in knowing how to get the most out of becoming green. Your first step in becoming green is to have an energy efficiency audit.

What is an Energy Efficiency Audit?

An energy efficiency audit is where a professional comes into your home with specialized equipment. This person uses their specialized equipment to show you where your energy usage is going. Special tools like infrared light can show heat loss around the windows. Other inspections may include looking for insulation, weather stripping, proper placement of piping, as well as inspecting the heating and cooling system. The professional will then let you know where your home is lacking and tell you ways that you can fix this problem. Most people are surprised to find that they have lost a ton of energy and money due to a lack of different necessary products. If you want to go green after having your energy efficiency audit there are many ways and many different green products that will help you to go green.

Solar Power

After your energy efficiency audit, you will find that you will want to have more green products in your home. Solar power is a great way to cut down on your energy. After you install your solar products, you can have another energy efficiency audit to see how much you have saved. Here are some different solar products that will help you to become greener.

  • Solar panel kits. Solar panel kits are able to be installed on your roof. These kits have panels that charge with the sun and then provide power into your house. This power can be stored and used during a power outage or you can use it to power appliances in your home. Even a laptop or an IPod can be powered by solar power.
  • Solar cars. Many cars are now being converted into solar power. Solar-powered cars can run on a battery that is being charged by solar power and can last for a long time, at least a couple of hours. These cars have helped to cut down on emissions and helped make cars more efficient.
  • Solar battery chargers. Unfortunately, disposable batteries are usually just tossed aside but with the use of solar battery chargers, this can be stopped. While it does not seem like a big contribution to the green environment, it is. Batteries are left to sit in a landfill and the chemicals found within the battery can be harmful to the environment. Using a solar battery charger will help save you money and save the environment.

Wind Power

During your energy efficiency audit, you will hear several different methods on how to get greener and save money. Wind power has become another popular option. Wind power is generated by fans that turn and store power in batteries. The batteries then produce power for your home. Wind turbines can be placed in your yard if you have enough space. Many places have now chosen to go with this form of power and have seen great results with this method. Wind power can power everything within your home which is great for those of us who want to go green and help save the environment.

Having an energy efficiency audit can help you to determine where you need to focus the most time. If your audit is very bad, you may want to consider getting a professional to come in and show you different methods on how to become greener and better efficient for the environment.

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