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Energy Saving Eco Kettle

Eco Kettle

The Eco Kettle is a kettle that saves energy by helping you to only boil the water you need. Research suggests that people boil around twice as much water as they need, which means 50% of the energy being used is wasted!

The kettle works by having a separate chamber of water. When you want to boil some water, you press a button to release the amount of water you need into the boiling chamber. The boiling chamber has a handy measuring guide built into the kettle that helps you to work out how much water you need.

Other than that, the kettle is pretty much the same as any other kettle. It’s really simple to use, and you should start saving money from the moment you use it. My calculations suggest it should pay for itself in a year, despite being roughly the same price as a decent kettle anyway.

The Eco Kettle is available for £29.95.

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  • Annie March 31, 2009, 6:21 pm

    Is it that hard to measure out your water before hand, then pour it into the kettle, then boil it? That’s how I was taught to do it when I was first allowed to make my own tea as a kid. You want this much hot water? Only boil that much. Boils faster, doesn’t waste water, doesn’t waste energy.

    Finding out that there are people who didn’t do this was a lot like finding out that there are people who leave the water running while they brush their teeth.

  • Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) April 1, 2009, 8:04 am

    Hi Annie. I completely agree. However, most people are extremely lazy, so any kind of self discipline goes out the window. Just think how many people don’t recycle, often citing “it’s too time consuming”. Anything that makes it easier for someone to be more eco-friendly is a good thing in my book.