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Energy Saving Mobile Phone Charger

Green Mobile Phone Charger

The Green Mobile Phone Charger has been designed to provide a safe and simple way to charge a mobile while preventing any power drain once the device has been fully charged.

Green Mobile Phone Charger

The Green Mobile Phone Charger plugs into a standard UK 3-pin plug socket and features a platform on which the phone needs to be plugged into to charge. The problem of mobile phone chargers still taking electricity once the device is charged, or even when the charger is simply plugged into a socket is well known. Though many of us intend to unplug a charger once we have used it, many forget, leave the phone to charge overnight, or simply do not have the time for that energy saving step.

This mobile phone charger has been created to allow you to charge your mobile phone without worry. Once the phone is charged the charger stops drawing any electricity from the mains supply. This is a charger you can leave plugged in all day without worrying about how much electricity it is using, it completely cuts itself off from the mains supply once a phone is fully charged or when there is no phone on it.

The Green Mobile Phone Charger sadly is not compatible with all makes of mobile. It currently is only suitable for the more modern makes of Nokia phone (N-Series, 6300, etc), and Sony Ericsson handsets (K750i Fast Port, etc). By using this charger you can help reduce your electrical usage without any continual effort.

The Green Mobile Phone Charger is yours for just £8.95.

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