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Inflatable Chimney Pillow to stop Chimney Draughts

Chimney Pillow

If you have an older property, it’s very likely that you have a chimney. You probably don’t use your chimney every day of the year, so there’s a strong chance you’ll get draughts coming down. That’s where the Chimney Pillow comes in. The Chimney Pillow inflates into the gap in your chimey, blocking it off. If you need to use the chimney again, just deflate the pillow and extract it.

Chimney Balloon

The pillow (or balloon) stops downdraughts and updraughts flowing up and down the chimney, but also stops debris, soot and bird mess from falling down. If you’re never going to use your chimney, it’s worth getting it blocked off permanently. However, the Chimney Pillow is a perfect semi-permanent solution! Hopefully it’ll save you money on your bills too.

Prices start at £18.99 for a small inflatable chimney pillow up to £24.99 for a large inflatable chimney pillow.

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