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Waterpebble – Shower Usage Monitor

Waterpebble Shower Water Monitor

The Water Pebble is a little device designed by Paul Priestman that you place in a bath tub or shower cubical to monitor the amount of water you use when showering.

Waterpebble Shower Water Monitor

The Water Pebble works by recalling how much water was used whet it was first used. From then on it uses this as a benchmark amount, warning you through coloured lights as you go through water usage. Each time you use the Waterpebble it takes off a small amount of waterusage. Because this is such a small amount you barely notice it happening but by sticking to the times set by the pebble by watching its colour you will slowly cut down on how much water you are using in the shower. This helps save on water and energy bills as you use the shower for less time.

The Waterpebble approaches the idea of saving on water usage from a gentle reminder standpoint. It does not stop the water, or scream loudly that you have used too much, it simply runs through coloured lights. These lights are set in a traffic light sequence we are all familiar with to show us when we are being good and using not too much water by glowing green, informing us we have used enough and need to finish up, but glowing amber, and then finally turning red when we have used too much water and it is time to stop.

The Waterpebble can be reset at any point and so a new baseline reading can be recorded. It has been designed to be recyclable, though as it can be reset it can be easily passed on to others who could benifit from it. The Water Pebble costs just £7.99 plus delivery.

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