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Environmental Effects of Servers and Data Centers

Although a major progress has been seen in Information technology and today it’s the leading source of world. It has changed all the work processes and development flow of IT applications. Information technology itself is not at much green as it looks and all its hardware equipment have been viewed had largest amount of pollution emitters.


 Environmental effects of servers and data centers


An awareness among the people however have brought a green signal and ready to cope with issues like global warming and effective utilization of remaining resources. Based on our current progress of technology where most of gadgets which we have manufactured and that will perform their role to stop the increasing flow of pollution, it’s time to discuss about impact of our computing system on our environment.

Every person is somehow related to information technology and at least using a single desktop computer if not a laptop or other IT hardware at home. They have spread much then speed of television sets and watches in last decade and an enormous increase in profit of Microsoft, Dell and Intel is revealing the facts that this hardware will increase more in future.  Important to review is how many your computers are contributing to greenhouse effects and leading to polluted atmosphere.

Computing data centers consuming large volume of electricity resources along with increasing carbon footprints and this was the reason that web hosting companies have been warned ad leading carbon emitters than airline industry. The study has shown that currently these companies are involved in large amount of carbon footprints and it’s time to ask for starting the green web-hosting.


Environmental effects of servers and data centers

According to this study estimates, airline industry with 2 percent contribution to air pollution is topping the list and first to harm our green atmosphere.  It doesn’t mean that a household PC or a data serving comprised of many thousands of servers are not responsible to be evaluated for carbon footprints and an increasing number of pollution due to data servers.

In small companies offices and even grocery stores, at least two computers are working to store the data, either they are relating to cash registers, sales and other business transactions but not aware about carbon emission from these data computers.

How a single data system you using is evolving the amount of carbon or polluting the environment? If a system is working 8 hours daily and five days a week, total working for 55 weeks in a year, it will use 400 kilowatts power and will omit 180,000 grams of carbon dioxide.  As compared to heaters, Air conditioner or electric irons, an average computer system not as much energy and pollution.

This has been found that refrigerators, furnace and water heater are more carbon offenders. But still there are many ways that can help us to slow the energy consumption from our computers.  All the latest computers are equipped with power management tools so you will be required to kept care of few things to go green with IT.

Always shop smart and count the eco-friendly features of your IT equipments, use the power management tools or reduced consumption mode or hibernation. When your computer has show down, if its plugged it will use little bit of the power, so it is important to unplug your computer form main supply of electricity after shutting it down.


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