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Femtosecond Lasers: Killing Cancer & Fusing Metal to Bone

Femtosecond Lasers

Researchers and scientists are collaboratively working to bring functional femtosecond lasers in true world of medicine and make them out of the real sci-fi. A leading professor of mechanics and researcher, Mr. Robert Tzou told about how this new technology will be diseases killing bring ease to all the cancer patients, from dentistry to ecology and ranging to joint replacement surgery where it will be successfully applied. Health gadgets are good not only for health and fitness but their use will add a new technology and value to human lives.

As compared to other laser, what will be the major distinction in Femtosecond lasers? As compared to traditional used lasers in medical surgeries, Femtosecond lasers are different from others with their unique capacity to approach and interact with set target without heat transferred to its mark from surrounding area. Its speed ensures that heat has not been spread while intensity of power gets the things done.

Caner is considered the most dangerous disease in West and most of eastern countries, which are highly effected with its different types and no quick solution available other than chemotherapy or biopsy. In most of the cancer treatments, there are harmful chemical therapies and most of the times, the result are really devastating and causing more and more human deaths.

Tzou told that if we can get success to kill the cancer cells without touching the healthy cells in surrounding, it will be a great achievement.  Because in many of the liver cancer, stomach, kidney and ovary cancers, the patients either cannot recover with surgery or their healthy cells are affected due to touching of instruments during the surgery and cancer is appeared again. Tzou further told that patients basically leave the medical facility without any side effect or damaging condition and it will give tremendous benefits to communities as whole. The high efficiency and precision of UUL will help to bring the fast positive effects.

Such laser device has practical applications like ability to make in silicon chip the super clean channels. But we can expect more application usage of it in the future. When cells will flow through a channel, it will allow the operating doctors to analyze successfully the blood cells one by one. Instead of faster eating, it will make best surgical treatment to make precise incisions. Recently, Professor Jinn-Kuen and Associate professor Yuwen Zhang have taken grants from NSF, the national sound foundation for laser to use in sinter metal power. Zhang told that this process will allow the strong bonding of practices and conforming of them to different surfaces.

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