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Health Gadgets

Natural Pest Control

NaturesOwnSolutions.com presents a unique way to keep pests out of your backyard, home garden, fields etc with a completely non-toxic and eco-friendly formulation that’s designed to be in perfect harmony with nature. Their flagship product “Cedar Oil Formulation” contains the [...]

Femtosecond Lasers: Killing Cancer & Fusing Metal to Bone

Researchers and scientists are collaboratively working to bring functional femtosecond lasers in true world of medicine and make them out of the real sci-fi. A leading professor of mechanics and researcher, Mr. Robert Tzou told about how this new technology [...]

Ford Wants Vehicles to Monitor your Health

Ford is the world renowned auto maker with its great achievements as best environment friendly autos and utilizing the advanced technology for well-being of mankind. Latest health gadgets will contribute greatly for our health and fitness. Ford motors has currently [...]

Biomask Improves Facial Burn Treatment Results for Soldiers

A team of experts and engineers is working with surgeons step aside to develop masks which may heal the soldiers’ burnt skins. According to Wired magazine, Biomask will be the how in 2012 military soldiers will treat their burn faces. [...]

The 2012 gadgets for health conscious

The health gadgets are more valuable as compared to any other gadgets which are launching nowadays relating to electronics and other categories. More than 153,000 wrapped the Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and 35 football fields which were covering [...]