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Fashioning the ‘Green’ way with Eco-friendly Clothing

By Meghna G on September 27th, 2016

Fashioning the ‘Green’ way with Eco-friendly Clothing

Fashion Green

Sustainable fashion, or eco- fashion, is a growing trend among the recent years, also known as ‘ethical’ fashion, this means that fashion is taking an initiative towards a environment friendly approach. Due to the harmful effects of chemically enhanced fabrics or man-made fabrics being non-degradable, it is adding to the harm of nature!. Few brands have taken the positive initiative in their clothing to use natural or organic fabric and techniques, which is also an inspiration to others. Here are few noteworthy brands from around the world that have created an impact towards supporting the nature.

Do u speak Green ?

Speak Green


The brand with the mission to see a world with breathable fabrics and unpolluted environment, with authentic eco-friendly clothing at affordable ranges. They aim not only to provide you with fashion that appeals to your eyes, but also to your heart. They use sustainable blends of organic cotton, bamboo and modal. With the composition of natural textiles and sustainable methods, they have posed as an inspiration to many brands out there. Uniting your sense of aesthetics with your sense of ethics this brand will guarantee safety to your skin and the environment.

Amour Vert


The term ‘ amour vert ‘ stands for Green love, the brand believes in using non toxic dyes and sensuous fabrics, with techniques that are environment friendly and natural. They claim that after realising the harm fashion is causing to the environment, as entrepreneurs they took the opportunity to provide fashion with a more contemporary trend and with a zeal to develop ethical and sustainable products that are eco-friendly. They use soft and breathable fabrics that are sensuous to feel and naturally made, like modal, organic cotton, merino wool, linen, Indian silk, etc. With the passion to offer innovative techniques and with a combination of enduring style.

People Tree

people tree

The UK based brand is known for its goods made ethically and sustainably. They claim to make garments that are a living blueprint of our values, they believe that fashion needs to stand against exploitation of the earth, and they are proud to make a difference towards supporting the environment, they go much further than corporate responsibility or social ethics but also to alleviate poverty. Using fabrics like organic cottons and textiles, they developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product. And products made by  artisans and producers who work to fair trade standards.

Mata traders

Mata Traders


The US based brand, with a bond towards India has evolved as ‘mata traders’ where mata stands for ‘mother’, a tribute to female creative power. The products are made by artisans in India and Nepal, using traditional and ethical means of production. With the aim to end global poverty and inspire ethical companies in the fashion Industry. These colourful textiles are made using natural techniques and range in techniques such as embroideries and block prints.



The US based brand is known for its transparency in production, it recognizes the issues in the system behind mistreated labour and the harmful & toxic elements in clothing within the fashion Industry. Stressing on finding a better way, they portray as a destination for conscious consumers. For natural and ethical techniques and ethical labour practises, this brand uses natural materials with a stylish outlook of ethical fashion, they have curated a collection that respects the planet and the people.

Pact apparel


Based in US, the pact apparel is known for its motto to make the world a better place. The brand goes to great lengths to make sure their every process, from being manufactured, to produced or harvested, the process is clean and responsible towards the environment. Their products are naturally produced and 100 percent cotton, and are also luxurious to feel and touch. The product is healthy for the environment as well as for you.

Indigenous clothing

indigenous clothing

The brand represent organic clothing as its main aim, it produces and sells organic clothing for men and women. Each product goes through a set of intricate work done by skilled artisans, using traditional and natural techniques. Their aim is not only to support ethically made fashion but also to support talented artisans, with attention to high end detailing and skilled techniques. The brand uses organic cotton, and low impact dyes to ensure its positive impact on the wearer as well as to the environment.

Shift to nature

Shift Nature

The Australian based brand is known for its commitment to the sustainable and ethical means of production of material. It uses some of the best eco-clothing and naturally produced products. They use organic cotton, and bamboo, hemp etc and other sustainable textiles that are not harmful to the environment. Most of their products are made in organic cotton and are luxurious to wear and feel. They stand as a guard to nature to protect it from harmful effects of industries. They believe that eco-friendly materials are the ultimate to fashion.



This eco-friendly brand from India screams out quirky bollywood themed eco-friendly fashion. Their concept uses organic cotton & raw materials and hand painted Indian motifs and movie posters from popular films. Their motto is that wearing sustainable clothing does not restrict us from wearing quirky or exciting fashion. Their approach to sustainable fashion is very hep and enthusiastic, and they believe that it is necessary to protect the environment as well as provide fashionable clothing.

Brain tree clothing


A natural clothing company based from UK is known for having a simple philosophy to not only make beautiful and timeless fashion but also to simultaneously care for the environment. They have a policy to respect not only the environment but also to respect the workers and hence ensures the proper ethical system of production towards the worker as well as towards its responsibility towards the environment to provide sustainable fashion.

Wallis Evera


The Canadian based clothing brand uses fabrics that are not only sustainable and biodegradable but also that are carefully chosen for their comfort and feel. The company uses hemp as a foundation and 100 percent organic fabrics, blended with modern fabrics. Wallis Evera is known to create a name that not only speaks fashion but also inspires a positive change among the people.

No nasties

No Nasties

The Indian based organic fashion brand is set out to have a fair trade and an ethical approach to fashion. Their motto is to avoid any wrong methods of business and simply follow a clean chart of order. They provide trendy t-shirts, with not just style but a message of awareness to protect the environment. They use creative graphics to spread messages and use organic cottons and natural fabrics in their process to save the planet.

Eileen Fisher


The US based brand is known for its use of organic cotton and fair trade methods, with high salary to workers. The dyes used are met with the organic textile standard, and the cotton is 100 percent cotton. It uses moral terms with its employee base and natural textiles for production, mostly known for its use of organic linen cotton. Apart from their commitment to the environment they also cater to a minimal design aesthetic. Their goal is not only to cater to the fashion front but also to be responsible to the environment.

UV & W


The Indian based brand is known well for promoting that one of the steps toward saving the planet is by buying eco-friendly clothing. It is one the first Indian based brands to market organic cotton clothing. Certifiably known for its use of safe fabrics that are environment friendly & safe on the skin. They use organic cotton and other textiles that have a positive impact on the skin as well as the environment.

Industry of all nations

indusrty Nations

The US based company is known for being founded with the zeal to rethink the methods of production for consumer goods. They take manufacturing to the next step where the materials originate. With respect towards the planet and towards their workforce, they are determined to mix both environmental awareness and social awareness to promote a fair trade. They are known for their ethically produced clothing, use of organic cotton and 100 percent natural dyes.

Thread Harvest


The aim of the brand is to search for  fashion that is inspiring and sends a positive message. They believe that fashion has great scope, to make a difference, to create awareness for fair trade and to protect the environment. They are known for their ethical methods and use of organic cotton, they promote fashion that is sustainable and biodegradable.



Bhu:sattva is based from India., it is known for its ethical behaviour towards the earth and its goal is to create an awareness among people about sustainability and organic fabrics. It ensures a fair trade policy and respect to the workforce. Its name itself connects to the earth, as its essence, Some of the fibres used by them are hemp, bamboo, organic cotton etc, textiles that are biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment. Even the techniques that are used in the process is paying homage to the skilled and talented artisans. They aim to preserve the environment and to continue with spreading awareness to the people that fashion can be friendly too.

Made Fair


The US based brand stands against fast fashion, promoting sustainable and durable fashion that is made with a secure process causing no harm to the environment. It puts together style and sustainability all together. It believes that fashion should be not compromise to harmful techniques and fast methods, with its impact fashion can make a major difference if properly directed.



This eco-conscious lingerie is concerned not just about beauty and elegance but also to support social cause of women empowerment and work ethics, It speaks for fashion to be natural and safe to wear. They believe that every clothing one wears should not only make you feel beautiful but also that gives you an initiative to save the planet. They have the desire to make the world a better place by making a difference. Each of their products are made with passion, gentle care and with a sense of design.



This Indian based apparel brand is known for creating eco- friendly and sustainable fabric clothing, It uses organic and skin-friendly fibres that has no harmful effect on the skin or to the earth. With designs that are modern and pristine, the work done is intricate with ethical labour Being from an Indian background, the brand uses quiet a number of traditional processes and dye techniques for their products.



Are GMO’S Eco-Friendly?

By Lavanya P on July 2nd, 2016

We all are hearing about GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms), the way they are posing threat to the human life, the authenticity of them, possible dangers, the bioethics and all the possible way Genetic engineering and the exploitation of Biotechnology can actually be the end of human life. Let’s have a detailed discussion on whether GMOs are worth all this or not!


Now, before we even speak about GMO’s, we need to talk about genetic engineering because all GMO’s are the products of Genetic engineering. First question that pops up in the back of our minds, what exactly is genetic engineering? Because no matter how many times we come across the term, we still have our confusions about it. Genetic engineering, in simpler terms, is the creation, alteration or the modification of the genetic material of a plant or animal by the usage of certain means of vehicles. Easy enough?

But Genetic engineering is no easy thing to do, as we know, genes are the basic structure of life itself, we hear doubts about how ethically it is acceptable to change the life itself, some even calling it a blasphemy. But neither can we argue with scientists whose dream is to create a better world, a world free of poverty, a world free of pollution, a world free of any potential problems. The weapon they have is nothing but biotechnology, the biggest weapon of all, with which they created GMO’s.


What are GMO’s and how are they created ?

GMO’s are the Genetically modified organisms. Be it plants, animals or microorganisms. The intent of genetic engineering is to correct the problem from the root, that is in case of humans and other biotic community is to aim the genes and alter them. And how are they modified? There are several methods. Using physical, chemical and biological methods, genes are transferred and being modified. The means of transfer we are using, have to be incorporated in the organism targeted and only if successful, genetic alteration can be made.

Why are we using GMO’S ?

Multiple reasons. The overexploitation of nature by man, depletion of ecosystems and the near-ending of the environmental balance has forced to open the doors of the biotechnology and then the genetic engineering came into the picture, changing everything and making modifications in human life rapidly. Let’s take a look at the times GMO’s saved us from sticky ends.

1.Reduction of greenhouse gases emission

Greenhouse gases are a potential threat to environment today. The gases emitted from various means cause the damage to environment and cause global warming. The effects of global warming had become so fatal lately that the measures which were implemented were also not successful. But we have an advantage there, with the help of biotechnology. The genetically modified crops helped us a lot in reducing these harmful gases and giving their own share, which is more than all the humans combined, helped us reduce the effect.

2.Pharma agents and Biofuels

This is another revolutionary discovery that has been a huge boon to mankind. The pharma industry has been using less chemicals these days, after GMO’s had made their kick-ass entry. The biofuels which are used now also had more share of biotic material and they are now used with the minimal damage to the environment and avoiding the byproducts of the harmful chemicals that have been employed in the pharma industry.



High time that we clean up the mess we have been making all these years. Polluting the land, water, air and everything within our reach since centuries. Now these GMO’s are helping us to clean up the pollutants with not pollutants(another really stupid idea of man) but with natural things, like using the crops and the microorganisms.


4.Nutritional value

This is a  huge, huge appreciable front. Scientists had modified the crops with antioxidants, cancer-fighting agents, certain promoters of immunity and resistance to heart diseases and more, like peanuts and specific type of berries without allergens. Food products with high nutritional value that will help feed the under developed and malnutritioned people under the poverty line.


5.Plant protection

Yes, plant protection, after the GMO’s have been introduced, there is an immense decrease in the usage of pesticides, insecticides, and other insect and pest controlling measures. For instance, there is BT(bacillus thuringiensis) which drastically reduced the usage of all these materials. It has been criticized a lot but that’s another story!


These are the cases we just used for letting know about how useful GMO’s are to environment and how many close shaves we have escaped because of them. And there is no denying, there are certain risks associated with the GMO’s too. Like the long term effects of these crops are unknown. Even though all the transgenic foods manufactured are tested by WHO, there are still nagging suspicions about them. Also, the discovery of the BT toxin in human fetal blood added fuel to the fire of the doubts about the toxin being forwarded to next generations. The scientists are arguing about how we should utilize them properly and not overuse and younger generation supports the idea and after all, dogs are selectively bred wolves and that’s that!

Eco-friendly mobile gadgets

By admin on April 27th, 2016

Are you looking to contribute your quota to saving the planet, or to cut down on your electricity bills? We’ve got you covered here with these affordable eco-friendly mobile gadgets.

eco gadgets


SolarKindle Lighted Cover

This gadget features a solar panel in its polyurethane body. It allows you to charge its 1500 mAh reserve battery whenever you are under a light source. You can now read your Kindle with more freedom and less worry about a flat battery.  There is equally a built in 800 lux LED reading light for people who love to read at night and you get a notification when the reserve battery is getting low.

Neon Green Lil’ Piggy Power Bank Keychain

Solar chargers are popular because with them, you can enjoy a quick game at a mobile casino like or extend the length of that video call with your loved one; essentially do what you want to do for longer. Unfortunately, a good number of the solar chargers in the market today are a bit too big for most people. The Neon Green Lil’ Piggy Power Bank Keychain has changed that as with it, you have one of the smallest and most convenient solar chargers.

It is small enough to go on your keychain and the lithium battery is powerful enough to charge an iPhone or any Android phone. The solar charger also notifies you when it is time to charge it. There is a panel to capture the sun’s energy but it can equally be charged through conventional means.

Thinksound ts02 Headphones

Thinksound’s earbuds with sustainable hardwoods have been heralded for their excellent output and the ts02 is no exception. Apart from providing quality sound, the ts02 is made of 8mm earbuds with PVC-free cables and wood housing that provides authentic sounds. The earbuds are available in Silver Cherry or Black Chocolate Finish and the packaging is recyclable.

Anokimobi E-pouch

Anokimobi is a British company that has been around for a while, developing products for smartphones. Its ecoskin and e-pouch are widely known because they use Biomaster silver ions to create an antibacterial surface. The e-pouch is made up of recycled plastic bottles as well as biodegradable organic cotton.  An interesting addition to the E-pouch is the wallet section which gives you room for your credit cards. The pouch also comes in a variety of colours.

LG Rumor Reflex

According to LG, the Rumor Reflex is their greenest mobile phone yet. The mobile phone has a five-star rating for its energy-efficient battery charger which is made of 31% recycled materials. It is indeed eco-friendly.  In the Rumor Flex, PVC, beryllium, halogen and other environmentally unsafe materials have been eliminated. The mobile also comes in recycled packaging made with soy inks.


This is a big USB-attached button that will remind you to save electricity. A quick press puts your notebook into power-saving sleep mode.  You can now conserve energy by hitting the button when answering a phone call, taking a break, eating a snack etc. Used in combination with setups like theGreenResolve, you can see considerable savings in energy costs.  It doesn’t hamper productivity in anyway because your laptop will wake up quickly as soon as press any key.  The software that comes with the gadget also takes note of how much power and money the gadget has saved you and the extent of your carbon footprint reduction.

Yellow Pages Goes Green: A Digital Solution to Going Green

By admin on April 6th, 2016

When it comes to business and residential phone directory listings, who ever even looks or even thinks of a print phone book anymore? They’re obsolete, as well as harmful to the environment both during manufacture and after they’ve been discarded to rot in a landfill by the thousands. No, with the omnipresence these days of smartphones, iPads, and just about any other electronic device you can think of, digital is clearly the way to go when it comes to getting the information you need, and there’s no better way to do it than with, a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious “Green” movement.
An innovator in digital business and telephone directory listings and an advocate for staunch environmentalism, is a cutting-edge website that delivers over 28.5 million up-to-the-minute Yellow and White page listings of businesses and residences throughout the United States. Whereas print directories are often out-of-date within weeks or even days of their publication and use up valuable natural resources in both their creation and disposal, is a fast, convenient, and easy way to access the information people need to find the goods and services that they want.’s listings are updated constantly every day, always ensuring their users will have the most accurate information and listings are any and all times; in an unstable national economy where businesses open and close ever day, consumers clearly need a more flexible and dynamic solution to their directory needs, and provides it in spades. In addition, users not only have the ability to search listings, but to add and maintain their own as well with downloadable Apps available for Apple digital devices – including iPhones and iPads – giving consumers the power of in the palm of their hand wherever they go.

Okay, so you’ve been sold on going digital for your business and residential directory needs, but how do you stop the delivery of those pesky and wasteful print phone books that keep on landing on your stoop, year after year? Well, Yellow Pages Directory Inc. – owner of both and – offers an environmentally-friendly Web-based alternative to paper telephone directories while providing a simple and convenient mechanism for customers to opt out from the receipt of printed yellow books. Both web sites have been instrumental in promoting opt-out awareness across the United States over the past several years, and allowing users to reduce their own environmental footprints in the process. is THE place to go when you need information in a fast, easy, and effective manner that puts the sustainability of our planet first and foremost. They continue to push their vitally-important environmental agenda via their award-winning ‘green’ blog, and their strong support of the nation-wide opt-out movement allows citizens an easy and fast way to cancel home delivery of print telephone directories and help curb pollution and waste.

Remember, every little bit helps; a print phone book by itself may not seem like it would have much of an impact on the environment, but imagine the hundreds of thousands of them that are made – and thrown out – each and every year, and you’ll get the picture. Go digital with and save the environment and a headache!

For more information please visit

Be part of the GREEN REVOLUTION! Reduce your ENERGY FOOTPRINT! GreenResolve Home Energy Monitor will change YOUR PARADIGM!

By admin on December 28th, 2015

A new Kickstartrer campaign will be launched  within the next few days to create a product that can really help conservation-minded people reduce the amount of energy they consume in their homes every day.  The GreenResolve Home Energy Monitoring system is the perfect way to know how much energy everyday products in your home are consuming.  This system can help you REDUCE YOUR ENERGY FOOTPRINT already on the first day of use!

The system is EASY TO INSTALL in your home electrical panel.  You can install it yourself or have an electrician install it for you.  All that is required to start monitoring is a panel box with sufficient space, a home WiFi network, and an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet!

The included smartphone/tablet app is SIMPLE TO USE.  It gives audible and visual notifications when individual areas in your home (circuits) are consuming more than the limit you set, allowing you to take action and turn energy consuming products off!  It is especially useful when people forget to turn off TVs, lights, computers, electric heaters, and other products in your home that consume precious energy!  The app shows all circuits and how much energy each one is using.  It’s exciting to watch as you turn devices in your home off and see the energy usage go down in real time!

This project needs your support!  In order to bring the benefits of the GreenResolve Home Energy Monitoring system to everyday people, we need as much backing on Kickstarter as we can get.  If you would like to have one of these systems in your own home, consider visiting the project on Kickstarter by clicking on this link.  There you can read all about the project.  If, after reading about the project, you are willing to back it and receive a GreenResolve system in return, it is easy to open up a Kickstarter account and lend your support!  Even if you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help by spreading the word on facebook, twitter, or email.  Please note, however, that the initial product will only be available in the United States.

How to Cut Power Costs Around Your Home

By admin on December 23rd, 2015

The old saying goes: “the only things certain in life are death and taxes”. Well, perhaps this should be extended in today’s society to include higher power bills. The cost of producing electricity is going to continually rise, so if you want to safeguard yourself, keep reading for ways to cut power usage around your home.

Take a look at your hot water system

By far the biggest energy consumer in any household, is your hot water system. Hot water systems are incredibly inefficient and are guilty of consuming around one third of the total energy bill for households that use them. The cheapest solution is to use less hot water (eg. shorter showers) and to check with your energy provider what tariff you’re on. You might be able to change over to a less expensive, off-peak tariff.

If you can afford it, replace your electric storage hot water system altogether. Gas is far more efficient and gives you hot water instantly. This will also reduce your water costs as you won’t be waiting for the water to get hot while taking your shower. For ultimate energy efficiency, ground-sourced heat pumps or solar hot water systems are the way to go. Obviously, these big ticket items require a large outlay of money initially, so be sure you’re planning on living in the same place long enough in order to reap the longer-term financial rewards.

Aim for energy efficient appliances

Next on your energy consumption hit list are your appliances. The top culprits are the clothes dryer, fridge/freezer and washing machine. If your ‘white goods’ have seen better days and it’s time for an upgrade, choose energy efficient appliances from leading manufacturers like ASKO. While it might cost a little more to purchase a quality machine, bear in mind they will have lower running costs as they are more efficient and are less likely to break down. They will also typically last for longer. Overall, they will save you money in terms of your power bills, repair costs and eventual machine replacement.

Shutdown the standby

Following your large appliance energy audit, take a look into smaller electronics like computers, TVs, stereos, etc. Most of these stay on stand-by if you don’t turn them off properly, and this actually consumes energy and increases your power bill. You can rectify this by switching appliances off at the wall, or buying a purpose built power-board to plug all of your entertainment appliances into that can then all be switched off in one go.

Get serious, get solar

If you want to get really serious about reducing your household energy consumption and therefore power bills, solar is the way to go. Obviously, this is a major expense and something you need to seriously research and consider before committing. Some energy providers will allow you to pay off the installation of a solar energy system through your energy bills. It’s also worthwhile thinking about how long you intend to live in your home, as it will probably take you four to five years to pay off your system. Having said that, if you do decide to sell, most real estate agents will tell you that having solar power, can add up to $10,000 to the value of your property.

These methods indicate how you can easily use energy more efficiently to future-proof yourself against rising power costs. There are plenty of ways to reduce your power usage, just start small and work your way up to bigger ticket items.

How do you use power efficiently around the home? Tell us your recommendations in the comments below!

Eco Friendly Makeup

By admin on October 28th, 2015

Even if you do not consider yourself someone who is environmentally friendly, you probably do not wish to expedite the destruction of the planet, either. With the recent increase in production of eco friendly makeup, being able to differentiate between brands and choose the ones that are best for your face and the environment has taken on additional importance.

Many of these products offer plentiful coupons, to give their customers an opportunity to save the world and save some money in the process. You can find such special offers at or other easily accessible online services. These are the eco friendly makeup products that you can believe in.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella combines the awesome power of anti aging cream with the effects of an anti blemish cream. They have entire kits available to consumers, as well as lotion, hair care, fragrances and even room mists. Not only is Ecco Bella environmentally friendly, they also provide regular specials, so that their clientele can save additional money on these products.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear

These products have long been a godsend to those who have sensitive skin, but did you know that these products are also sensitive to the environment? They are gentle on the face and do not contain the harmful chemicals and ingredients that so many other makeup lines have come to rely upon. Physicians Formula Organic Wear hits the eco friendly trifecta: cruelty free, totally natural and certified organic.


All of Lavera’s products are completely eco friendly. Their cosmetics are natural and safe to use, for both you and the environment. If you are in search of natural and/or vegan makeup products, Lavera certainly has you covered. They sell a wide range of helpful makeup, including bath washes, sunscreen, skin care creams and hair care products. Check out their partner site, since this is where Lavera sells off all of their overstock items at a deeply discounted rate.

NVEY Organic

A true trailblazer when it comes to providing eco friendly makeup, NVEY Organic has now been in existence for ten years. Consumers of their products are able to enjoy a variety of natural and green makeup items, without having to worry about environmental impact. All of their products are certified organic, so there are no false claims being made. Concealers, foundations, powders, lipsticks, and even gift sets, NVEY Organic definitely has it all.

Josie Maran Cosmetics

While most know Josie Maran as a model who as well competed on Dancing With The Stars, she also has a passion for the environment and creating products that promote responsible consumerism. Pairing up with Skin Deep in 2006, she developed her own line of cosmetics that provides great makeup, while also remaining free of harmful ingredients. Her items are a bit more expensive than the others on this list, but they are of the highest quality.

How Electric Radiators Are Changing Modern Home Heating

By admin on September 12th, 2015

Night Storage Heaters have been a part of modern life for so long that they are generally just accepted as being the most efficient way to heat a home. This is largely due to the convenience they offer, which has led to consumers neglecting the potential of an alternative.

However, 21st century technology has evolved to such an extent that not only are modern electric radiator systems reaching new heights of technical superiority, they are now so  eco-friendly that we all have a duty to embrace them and take advantage of the environmental benefits they offer to contemporary homes and businesses.

Old fashioned storage heaters have been proven to harm the environment by releasing trace elements of carbon, which when combined with the hundreds of thousands of storage heaters being used on a daily basis around the world poses a genuine environmental issue that can not continue to be ignored and is being addressed by many organisations

There is also a real threat to human health due to this carbon emission as the dry burning heat that storage heaters produce has the potential to cause inflammation of the lungs; an ailment that is more likely to affect children and asthma sufferers.

Modern electric radiators are able to avoid this carbon release thanks to several technological developments such as Magmatic Heat Retention (MHR) technology.

Electric radiator

MHR acts as an updated environmentally friendly version of storage heater technology by using  small tablets to retain heat while the radiator is switched on, with the capability of releasing this heat gradually later once the system is no longer connected to the mains, only modern radiators consume just a third of the energy needed by those older models.

MHR tablets are so advanced that they also work much faster than old storage heaters, being able to generate heat from the coldest temperature settings to the very hottest in less than half an hour.

Another key modern technical advancement that lets electric radiators perform in an eco-friendly way while also providing the best possible user experience is Multi-Fin Designed (MFD) technology.

MFD works by using a series of small fins located inside the radiator that will evenly circulate heat around a room for greater comfort and faster heating times, using less energy and lowering electricity costs in the process

Many electric radiators offer a technology that combines MHR and MFD for maximum efficiency. When these technologies are used together they release a hybrid air that combines the comfort offered by radiated heat with the equal distribution provided by convected heat. German electric radiators are particularly well known for combining these capabilities.

Another good reason for homes and businesses to embrace modern radiator designs is the trendy designs they boast. Modern radiator appearances are able to match the style of any modern décor thanks to having a sleek design that fits appropriately into a room without distracting from its surroundings. This is a look far removed from the unflattering appearance of old storage heaters.

West Country Heating offer a number of sophisticated modern electric radiators ideal for use in all homes and businesses. Contact them today to learn more.

How Shopping Online Can be Called Green Shopping?

By admin on September 11th, 2015

There are many ways how to be environmentally friendly at the daily basis. One of these ways is shopping online. But how come that be green? Want to know how? Read these few reasons why and learn that you can be a green shopper and smart shopper online easily!

No paper needed

Since you are shopping online, you won’t get any printed checks, receipts or other stuff that might be printed while shopping traditional way. So because online retailers tend to write everything in their websites, you won’t waste paper at all! Also, you won’t get any paper brochures and all spam is going to be in your email box. So shopping online is definitely a paper-free way to shop.

No gas needed

Again, because you are going to shop from your home, you won’t use any gas to go to the store. Scientists actually discovered that driving to a store is the most not eco-friendly way while shopping. And you can just purchase everything from everywhere. Delivery companies will ship it to you within a few days without you even leaving your home. It will all come to your doorstep and all you need to do then – dress up and welcome a delivery boy. So none of your gas in needed while shopping online.

No paper coupons needed

If you that kind of shopper who love extreme couponing then online shopping can also give you the same amount of discounts and still be environmentally friendly. Forget about thousands of newspapers and a huge waste of paper. Online millions of coupons are wandering and waiting for you. It all works the same as paper coupons and it is also free to use. You can even find some places where you can use the same coupons while shopping online. In fact, online coupons to shop at Target from will do the same trick reducing prices as paper coupons. Furthermore, sometimes you can even get even more bargain deals while shopping online rather than off. So forget about paper coupons what you are going to throw away anyway and start using online ones.

A lot of choices for greener products

Another reason why shopping online is greener is the ability to find greener type of products much easier. Then you are shopping offline, sometimes it might get hard to find the right products that meet your green philosophy. Well, while shopping online you won’t struggle any more because there are thousands special websites that offer only eco-friendly products. And you can shop for it as much as you want and get more choices every time you are looking for some new products to try! So yay!

Much less energy needed

Shopping online also means that you are using much less energy than shopping off. In fact, to maintain internet services is much cheaper than to maintain one huge supermarket. So all data centers and computers, turns out, are a relatively small energy cost for e-commerce. And you can definitely support it if you e-shop. Also, you are going to use much less energy in general at your own. First, you won‘t need to go to a shower and make yourself all pretty before shopping (if you do that). You just can sit at home with only one computer on and shop from the entire world simply. So it is definitely a winning situation here for Earth.

5 Things You Need for Green Living

By admin on June 18th, 2015

Are you trying to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to cleanse your body from toxins and chemicals or do your part in helping the earth flourish. Start by adding these five items into your lifestyle and you will start to see the big difference that little things can make.

1. A blender

Invest in a good-quality juicer, blender or food processor so that you can make more of your own food from scratch. Cooking with a blender is a lot easier than you think, it makes flavours stronger, and since you’re adding fresh ingredients, you will know exactly what is in your food. Make your own juices, smoothies, juices, desserts, sauces, soups and salad dressings from fresh produce, minimising waste, packaging and transportation costs.

2. Eco-friendly beauty products

If you use generic supermarket makeup you may be surprised to find that they can be packed with chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients. Opt for skincare, makeup and beauty products that are natural, organic and eco-friendly. To be more cost-effective, add your new products into your beauty routine as your current products run out. Look to eco-friendly retailers such as Biome for good quality, Australian products. Your skin will be glowing and looking younger because thanks to your healthier beauty routine.

3. A bike

Have you considered riding to work instead of driving or catching public transport? If you live within a 10 kilometres of your workplace, invest in a good bike and pedal your way to work at least a couple of times a week. You’ll be able to avoid traffic jams, get your daily exercise and contribute to creating a sustainable planet for future generations by reducing pollution and reliance on fossil fuels. Riding your bike to work will also make you feel more energised to start your day, and you will find that afternoon slump a thing of the past.

3. Veggie Patch


Whether you live in an apartment, town house or a large home in suburbia, you can always find a way to grow your own herbs and vegetables. An indoor herb garden can sit on your windowsill or a vertical herb garden can hang in your outdoor terrace. If you have a backyard, build your own veggie patch from sleepers, adding strawberries, carrots, tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs. You will find you will start saving a lot of money on supermarket produce, and your homegrown veggies will keep for much longer. Put your green thumb to work and you will be living green in no time.

4. Fresh Air

Embrace the fresh air and outdoors as much as possible, your body and the environment will thank you. Open your windows and let the breeze in rather than turning on the air conditioning: you will reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on your electricity bill.

There are a lot of ways your lifestyle can grow to become more green, so start small and substitute more eco-friendly products into your routine wherever you can. Small things can add up to make a big difference for you and the planet.