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Seedbomb Plant Capsules

Seed-bomb Poster

Jin-wook Hwang is a designer that has come up with the idea of a seed bomb to allow the artificial replanting of vegetation in areas that have become arid.

Seed-bomb Planted

Man-made activities such as deforestation can turn landscapes into a desert or ecosystem with very little life. The seed bomb uses a biodegradable plastic pod to rapidly and easily replant an area with seedlings to create a new ecosystem. The pods contain some soil and nutrients to encourage the seeds to germinate and grow.

As the seedling grows into a full plant, the pod biodegrades around it, allowing the plant to mature. Additionally, the plastic pods act as a mini-greenhouse, which gives the seeds and seedlings the additional warmth to grow into strong plants before being exposed to the harsh environment outside the pod.

I wonder if the main ‘rockets’ could be made out of cardboard? As littering the area with plastic is not a great idea. Using paper or cardboard would be useful, as it would break down easily and quickly.

Source: YankoDesign

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